To improve economic growth strategies, Brent Council has been on a journey of innovative collaboration with Impact Data Metrics (IDM), a leading data analytics firm, to revolutionise its data utilisation and bolster business development initiatives.

The council, driven by the government’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF)  allocation, embarked on an ambitious endeavour to rethink its data strategy, aiming to move beyond conventional off-the-shelf models.

Recognising the limitations of data platforms powered by Companies House, the Council sought a bespoke solution tailored to its specific needs and the demands of the dynamic business landscape in Brent.

IDM, which has created a market-leading software platform featuring a comprehensive ‘Occupiers’ dataset amalgamated from 14 sources, has delivered a bespoke solution for the team at Brent on a flexible and user-friendly web dashboard.


The dataset, customised and shaped to Brent’s requirements, encompasses vital business metrics such as company births, deaths, sector insights, growth projections, and specialised data delineating specific town centre boundaries, among other facets.

Councillor Muhammed Butt, Leader of Brent Council said: “Partnering with IDM has transformed our data-driven approach to economic growth. By creating a customised model that includes important business metrics, we have opened new avenues for providing fantastic services to our residents and local businesses.”

The collaboration, evolving through an iterative process, involves extensive engagement across council departments, ensuring a comprehensive and nuanced dataset aligned with Brent’s economic aspirations.

IDM director Paul Gussar said, “This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to pioneering data solutions. The partnership underscores IDM’s dedication to driving impactful change and facilitating informed decision-making for local authorities.”

IDM founder Geoff Wainwright added, “As an agile, customer-focused business we are proud of our continuing and deepening partnership with the team at Brent, who with up-to-date and accurate business-critical information at their fingertips, are now able to make better policies and interventions for their residents.”

As the collaboration progresses, the Council and IDM will be sharing the learnings of their partnership so far at a webinar on the 21st of February at 11 am to be held over Zoom/Teams.