Make UK launches COVID 19 HR & Legal support package to help West Midlands businesses get back on track

Make UK, the manufacturers’ organisation, has developed a new training and support package to help businesses in the West Midlands bring their employees back to work post COVID-19.

It provides the essential tools and hands-on advice needed for businesses – whatever sector – to take fast, effective action and make the right decisions around government initiatives such as the job retention scheme.

It also gives step-by-step guidance on preparing the workplace to enable an increasing number of workers to be back on-site safely.

Charlotte Horobin, Make UK’s Region Director for the Midlands & East said: “These new online resources offer a one-stop-shop for clear direction for companies of all sizes enabling managers to take fast and effective action and make the best choices to futureproof businesses as we all move forward.


“Making those strategic decisions correctly and in a timely fashion is essential for the continued success of companies as they come out of this crisis and look to get back to normal production.

“Firms big and small need to get these decisions right and our legal team will work with every firm directly. We work closely with the Government to make sure the legislation works as well as it can for every business, and we are focused on interpreting that legislation, explaining clearly and simply what each has to do in order to comply.”

The Covid-19 HR & Legal Support programme gives direct and speedy access to expert advice and guidance on a month-by-month basis, helping companies protect their workforce and make the best strategic decisions.

It includes:

  • A new COVID helpline to provide access to expert support and guidance
  • A back-to-business support pack that includes a Return from Furlough template letter – designed to help organisations appropriately communicate to an employee when they are to return to work following furlough and downloadable checklists including –
  • HR & Employment law checklist outlining key areas of compliance and workforce planning
  • Health and Safety checklist covering the considerations and risk assessments to carry out following shutdown
  • Production and Operations checklist outlining key processes, procedures and business continuity across your entire business operations
  • A pre-recorded webinar from Make UK experts giving advice and tips to help you get back up and running as quickly as possible

For those companies which are having to take the difficult decision of looking to lose some of their staff, there is also a redundancy webinar in the context of COVID 19; completing the package is a COVID 19 Management Training Resource Pack that includes e-learning programme for managers and a risk assessment template and policy.

This e-learning programme has been developed in line with the very latest Government guidance to help manufacturers manage their workforce safely and efficiently by understanding the threats of the virus and how it works, how it is spread, destroyed and the major risk factors.

The second part of the course provides clear guidance on how to manage social distancing in a factory or workplace setting with a final section on cleaning and personal hygiene and how to make that work in a professional setting.

To sign up or find out more

Back to Business Support Pack is free for Make UK members and £75 +VAT for non-members

COVID E-Learning and Support Pack costs £50 +VAT for Make UK members and £100 + VAT for non-members