Manchester-based Green Bean Studios®, a multi-award winning children’s IP entertainment brand, has officially launched its Precious Moments Ambassadors Campaign, calling for parents, grandparents, and early years educational professionals to partner with the firm to support children to learn, play, and develop confidently.

Green Bean Studios’ founder Anita Frost said: “Over the last three years, we’ve seen first-hand the difference Green Bean & Friends have made, impacting children and families right across the UK. Our mission with the new campaign, is to create and encourage precious moments for children and parents to share through fun adventures, because we know how special and important they are, both for the youngsters, and for those who love them.”

From in-person community events, storytimes and VIP screenings, to collectable ranges of books and eco toys that are founded on the EYFS Statutory Framework, Green Bean Studios is committed to helping the next generation to thrive by bringing early years children just what they need, when they need it.

The Precious Moments Ambassadors campaign is a community of people who are passionate about enabling the next generation of early years children to learn and develop with confidence. Whether you’re a grandparent, parent, caregiver or early years educational professional, all are invited to join the programme to help give children the best start in life.


Some precious moments already shared within the growing community include:

Parent, Marija, who has two children aged four and five. Her most precious moment came after her son was born. Marija was breastfeeding both children at the same time and she saw her daughter take her younger brother’s hand, gazing at him adoringly and gently patting his head. Marija said her heart was melting at this precious moment the family experienced.

Anita said: “It’s these vulnerable, heartwarming experiences that our Precious Moments Campaign is all about – capturing and appreciating those fleeting moments of joy and wonder shared within families that bond people together and make life a rich and rewarding experience.”

Marija’s daughter spoke about her precious moment, and how they took their Green Bean and Mr Bear soft toys on an adventure to Rome where they played and let their imaginations run wild.

“Underpinning our Precious Moments Campaign is the message of the importance of learning, play and adventure and how reading helps children to thrive,” explained Anita. “We’re also passionate about raising children with an awareness of our planet and making eco conscious decisions.”

Green Bean Studios’ Precious Moments ambassador programme is an inclusive community that is open to all. ​Each ambassador has access to exclusive benefits including:

●     VIP Access via TV, Media & In-person events

●     Kids’ Club

●     Rewards & Gifts

●     Pre-sale offers