All the giraffes being transported by Welch. Image Credits Welch Transport.

As Cambridgeshire enjoys the much-anticipated Standing Tall trail, 26-year-old Reece Lavery from Cambridge shares how his important role in logistics has helped to welcome the giraffes to their new home.

From March 21st to June 2nd, Cambridge will be home to 31 beautifully adorned, 8ft tall giraffe sculptures, as part of the city’s Standing Tall campaign. Each giraffe has been designed and decorated by talented artists, both within Cambridgeshire and further afield. Joining them will also be over 60 mini giraffes, each crafted by local schools and community groups.

But how did all of these giraffes come to arrive at their new home? That’s where Reece comes in. Working as a Transport Planner for Welch Group, a sponsor for recruitment and awareness campaign Generation Logistics, Reece’s role has been instrumental in orchestrating the logistics behind the transportation of the giraffes across the city.

“My role within the Standing Tall campaign has been organising the transport of the giraffes to the schools and businesses in and around Cambridge on our fleet of rigid vehicles.” Reece explains.


And the job at hand was no simple feat, as the transportation required  trucks varying from 7.5 to 26-tonne curtainsiders, including Welch’s new electric 18-tonne rigid.

With over eight years of experience in the logistics sector, Reece’s journey into the field was marked by a desire for new challenges and opportunities for growth. “I originally worked in the sales sector, but I wanted a new challenge. I got into logistics through a school friend who helped me secure a role as a transport administrator. Over time, I worked my way up at Welch Group, obtaining my HGV licence and gaining firsthand experience on the road before transitioning into planning,” he explains.

When asked about advice for individuals exploring career options, especially within logistics, Reece  emphasises the dynamic nature of the sector and the opportunities it offers for personal and professional development. “I would encourage anyone who enjoys a challenge on a day-to-day basis to consider logistics. No day is ever the same, and the variation of work keeps you engaged. Logistics opens many doors for a career, and being young in this field provides opportunities to explore different departments and facets of the profession.”

Bethany Windsor, Programme Director at Generation Logistics, added: “From coordinating the transportation of towering giraffe sculptures to managing the intricate logistics of their display, individuals like Reece Lavery exemplify the indispensable role of logistics in events like Standing Tall. Logistics offers a huge array of different opportunities for many different skill sets, ranging from customer care and warehousing to engineering and planning. With its many varied roles and responsibilities, logistics offers a career path suited to a wide range of skills and interests, making it an appealing option for anyone seeking a fulfilling and dynamic profession.”