AST Plastic Containers, Wrexham Industrial Estate

AST Plastic Containers, a leading manufacturer of high-quality plastic containers based in North Wales, has increased its production by 20% to aid its cleaning and sanitising clients to meet the demand for their products due to the current global COVID-19 pandemic.

The company, based on the Wrexham industrial estate, has seen a surge in demand for its 5 and 10 litre plastic containers and is manufacturing 100,000 more a month.

AST Plastics has also increased its production staff by 25% from 16 to 20 employees on the shop floor in order to make the extra products.

The plastic containers are being used by UK-based companies to transport their cleaning and sanitising products to critical services such as the NHS.


The production line works 24/7 from its UK base in Wrexham whilst following the government guidelines of social distancing by keeping 2 metres away from colleagues, as well as regular hand washing and the use of hand sanitiser gel.

Matthias Hochholzer, Managing Director of AST Plastic Containers in the UK, comments: “We are pleased with the small part we can play in delivering essential fluids like hand sanitiser, cleaning liquids and detergents to those that need it the most at this challenging time.

“Day to day, most people don’t think about the supply chain that’s involved in delivering a product to an end point, but I think the current pandemic is highlighting various roles that previously were more behind the scenes such as manufacturers and transportation.”

AST Plastic Containers is a leading manufacturer of high-quality plastic containers. With UK headquarters in Wrexham, the company is a market leader in the design and manufacture of plastic containers and caps for use in a range of sectors including the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The company manufacturers from six sites across Europe and distributes more than 100 million units a year to customers in more than 15 countries.