The 136 high-performance rooftop 540W solar panels on the hospice rooftops

Oakes Energy Services, which specialises in energy efficient solutions, has contributed to The Prince of Wales Hospice saving approximately £20,000, which will be redirected to patient care.

The project involved the design, installation, and commissioning of the cutting-edge photovoltaic system which features 136 high-performance rooftop 540W solar panels providing 73.44kW of direct current power. It is projected to cut the hospice’s power bill by approximately £20,000 per year, money that can instead be used to bolster the provision of essential patient care.

Beyond the financial savings, the measures will reduce the hospice’s carbon footprint by 14.24 tonnes per year, the equivalent of planting 654 trees per year. The estimated payback period for this project is fewer than three years.

On average, more than 80% of the electricity generated by the solar panels will be consumed on-site, with any surplus power exported back to the National Grid. This generation capacity is anticipated to cover up to 30% of the site’s total electricity demand.


Oakes Energy Services, part of PHS, a leading home services firm headquartered in the North East, offers a range of energy-efficient solutions for both commercial and residential applications. Its expertise includes designing and installing renewable energy systems aimed at reducing energy consumption and costs.

The Prince of Wales Hospice, which has been providing specialised care to those with life-limiting illnesses since 1989, serves the communities in the Five Towns area of the Wakefield district. Offering care for individuals aged 18 and above it provides services such as outpatient care and 24-hour specialist care on its ward.

Additionally, it extends support to caregivers and families of patients through wellbeing services and bereavement support. The hospice delivers all these services free of charge, with only approximately 25% of the costs covered by the NHS, with the rest funded through donations, charity shop proceeds, and fundraising initiatives.

Jason Oakes, Sales Director at Oakes Energy Services, said: “We are incredibly proud to have played a part in The Prince of Wales Hospice’s journey toward sustainability. This project showcases the positive impact that renewable energy solutions can have on both the environment and the financial sustainability of vital institutions.”

Samantha Calvert, Director of Finance at The Prince of Wales Hospice, said: “The solar panels have been strategically placed to maximise energy capture. In the short period they have been operating, they are beginning to produce impressive results. We are excited about the positive impact it will have on the environment, our operational costs, and our ability to continue providing exceptional care to those in need.

“We would like to thank Oakes Energy for the installation, particularly given the minimal disruption as the works were completed by their team while the hospice remained operational.”