International healthcare recruitment company Resource Finder has incorporated a more personal approach to recruitment from abroad, seeking to increase the successful retention of candidates for NHS Trusts.

The Uk-Wide agency took a team from the University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust to India to carry out recruitment and engagement activities, which resulted in the appointment of 13 Consultant Radiologists after hosting two interview days in Delhi and Mumbai.

Robert Fuller, managing director and founder of Resource Finder, said: “International recruitment normally takes place via video and telephone calls, giving a degree of separation that can lack engagement and connection. n We’ve found that by taking representatives of the Trust to meet a shortlist of candidates face-to-face ensures a better outcome for all parties. This format provides opportunities for candidates to learn more about their potential future careers, to discuss relocation processes and remuneration direct with their prospective employer. It also allows for an in-depth clinical evaluation of a candidate’s knowledge and experience.”

There has been a huge increase of healthcare professionals being recruited from India since 2018. This has made the international recruitment market highly competitive and saturated. The in-person and guided approach from Resource Finder allows for a competitive edge for the trusts, whilst championing pastoral care for those leaving their home country.


It can also be a more cost-effective way to recruit nurses to the NHS. Robert explains: “Typically, an NHS Trust would pay a significant fee for each doctor appointed. Resource Finder don’t charge a fee per doctor, just a single service fee. Generally, the cost of the recruitment trip becomes cost neutral with the appointment of just two candidates, and if more than two candidates are appointed, the service fee does not increase, therefore the cost saving can be significant. Resource Finder attaches no finder’s fees and simply charges a one-off service fee to a Trust. Generally, the cost of a recruitment trip to a Trust will become cost neutral if the Trust appoints just two candidates, and if more than two candidates are appointed then the service fee does not increase, so the savings can be significant.

Resource Finder, which ethically recruits candidates from several countries including Jamacia, Africa, UAE, Europe and the Philippines, is ahead of innovation when it comes to recruitment. This year the award-winning company launched its ‘Nursing to Nurture’ programme, which encourages every health professional it recruits into the NHS to nominate another student nurse to receive financial support to complete their studies and qualify so that they can practice in their home country.

Robert Fuller adds: “We are always looking at ways to better the process and experience of recruitment, with candidate care being the top priority.

“By carrying out our work face-to-face within the source countries, we are able to meet candidates and create more valid connections. This ensures the candidates are looked after and more informed, plus it increases the integrity and longevity for our clients. In India it has been particularly effective in recruiting radiologists, paediatricians, anaesthetists and ICU professionals.

“In a saturated international recruitment market, this is an important process that sets us and our clients apart.”