A very important thing you must consider as a business owner is safeguarding your premises. Because you have invested a lot in your business, you have to ensure your assets and property are safe from theft and intruders.

While your business objective is to make profits, a break-in occurring on your property might negatively impact the running of your firm, affecting the morale of your workers, reducing sales and revenue.

There are numerous fencing options that are ideal for commercial application. This article will guide you in selecting the right one for your business.

What is Commercial Fencing?

A commercial fence is a barrier that encompasses your property or asset, surrounding the vicinity.


You can find commercial fencing in a wide variety of materials like timber, wood plastic composites, vinyl, aluminium or steel.

Some important factors you need to consider before choosing a commercial fencing material include location, weather conditions, terrain and functionality.

Types of Commercial Fencing Material

 Fencing materials exist in a wide variety of materials. It is important to be aware of their unique features so you can make an informed choice. The most popular types of fences include:

Aluminium or Wrought Iron Fences

A popular and long lasting option, aluminium provides a strong barrier of protection for commercial premises. It is manufactured from high grade metals like iron and aluminium. This makes it low-maintenance and strong.

Another feature is its elegance. This durable fencing option can elevate the appearance of your business premises. It can be coated with acrylic finish to give it a sleek and modern appearance.

Aluminium fencing does not rust or corrode and can retain its look for a very long time. It is ideal for various settings such as school, estate, retail premises and hospitals.


Low Maintenance

Aluminium fences are not high-maintenance, implying it won’t require a lot of effort and resources to keep them looking their best. All that is required is a bit of cleaning to get rid of grime, dirt and debris.


Lightweight and Malleable

Even though aluminium is said to be a long lasting material, it is quite lightweight. It also has a malleable property, meaning that it is simple to bend.


Aluminium fences are known for their rackability, which means they can align with the lay or slope of the land they are in. However, this can make them vulnerable due to a variety of factors such as wear and tear, gaps.

Composite Fencing

Commonly known as wood plastic composite or composite fencing, this type of fencing material is manufactured from a blend of wood fibre and plastic. It is known as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional timber fencing since it is made from recycled materials.

Composite fencing is low-maintenance and can withstand whatever mother nature throws at it. This makes it perfect for your business, particularly if it is located in an area with extreme weather conditions like frequent rainfall, extreme heat or wind.


Long lasting and durability

Because of the plastic element used in making composite fencing panels, they are moisture resistant. They are impermeable to water, making them resistant to decay and mildew.

As they are rot-resistant, composite fencing panels are more durable than wood fences. Composite fencing typically has a warranty period of 20 to 30 years.


Composite fences are very low-maintenance and won’t demand a lot of upkeep. Unlike wood fences, you don’t have to invest resources and efforts in painting,sealing and treating it.

This can be very cost-saving as you won’t have to spend money in buying products used to maintain or repair the product.

You only have to clean your fencing board periodically to retain its beautiful appearance.

Easy installation

Installing composite fences is simple and won’t demand a lot of time. They are also lightweight meaning you won’t have issues moving them around and setting them up.


Composite fencing is an eco-friendly option. Since it is manufactured with recycled raw materials, it will positively impact the environment. This is because it will reduce the number of plastic that is dumped in landfills.

It also has a toxin-free manufacturing process, unlike wood fencing and other materials.


Composite fencing can be designed to imitate the appearance of traditional timber fencing. Most people erroneously think that since composite fencing is synthetic, it doesn’t have an elegant appearance. This is false.

Modern composite fencing features a wood grain finish and can look as good as the ones made from timber.

You can also find composite fencing in a wide variety of colours and styles like oak, brown and anthracite grey.



Composite fencing is pricier than other kinds of fencing options including wood. While it can be expensive to purchase it upfront, it is cost-efficient. This is because of its low-maintenance feature.


Some composite fencing brands become susceptible to fading after a while. If this will be a problem for you, you can purchase a light-coloured variety as they won’t show signs of fading.

Wood Fencing

Wood fencing has some amazing features for any commercial premises.

It comes in a wide variety of styles like lattice and spindle topped, picket, stockade, ranch rail among others.

Wood fencing is the most common fencing option in the UK, since it is affordable and widely available.

One of the biggest concerns with wood fencing is that extending its longevity requires a lot of effort and resources.


Aesthetically Pleasing

Wood fencing panels are known for their elegance.But to retain its beautiful look, you have to routinely paint it.


Wooden fencing is one of the most affordable materials on the market. It is the best option if you are on a budget.



Although wood fencing can be quite sturdy, it is vulnerable in the face of harsh climatic conditions. Thus, if your business is located in an area with extreme weather, wood may not be the best option.


To retain its elegant look, you have to routinely care for your wood fence. This may involve frequent painting, sealing and treatment. It is not a low-maintenance fencing option.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Fencing Options for Your Business

Here are some factors you have to pay attention to before choosing a fencing option for your commercial premises:


An important factor you have to consider is the accessibility of your property. For example, you should choose wood or aluminium fencing  if you wish to totally enclose your business premises.

Aesthetic Appeal

Fence can also add beauty to your business premises. Consider aluminium or composite fencing panel if you wish to improve the aesthetic appeal of your property,


The main goal for purchasing a fence is to add a layer of security or protection to your commercial property. Each fencing option offers an additional layer of protection for your business.

For example, a wooden or composite fencing panel can keep off nosey neighbours while a barbed wire fence can deter burglars.


When deciding on a fencing option, pay attention to the nature of material and whether it aligns with your property. If your business is located in an area with extreme weather conditions, consider moisture-resistant fencing options like composite fencing.