Amina Ali, partner at Veritas Solicitor

A distinguished Manchester solicitor has been named among the finalists for a highly coveted legal award which celebrates women in the industry.

Amina Ali, partner at Veritas Solicitors, has been nominated “Mentor of The Year” in The Women, Influence & Power in Law UK Awards which honours top female lawyers who have made a difference in the profession.

The award celebrates female lawyers across the country who shape the law and achieve excellent results for their clients.

Mrs Ali, who heads up the clinical negligence department at Veritas Solicitors, said she was surprised but very proud to be shortlisted having started mentoring early on in her career.


“It’s nice to be considered because I was always given that responsibility of training new starters, helping them progress at their own pace,” she said.

“It gives me a sense of pride seeing somebody that I have mentored progress over the years, and I’m humbled to be recognized among such great company.”

The nomination comes at an opportune time, aligning with International Women’s Day on 8th March.

The worldwide celebration recognizes the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women while also raising awareness about the ongoing challenges they face worldwide.

Mrs Ali said it was a massive achievement getting such praise and exposure, particularly being from an ethnic minority background.

“It’s really inspiring to see ethnic minority women doing so well in these top positions and being recognized for their skills, knowledge, and expertise.

“Women are pushing barriers and I’m somebody that has always given a lot of importance to my career.

“I’ve managed to hold down a high responsibility job and balance a family life which hasn’t been easy, but worthwhile in the end. And I have no doubt there are many others with similar circumstances to mine. If my nomination inspires other women, that’s a very positive thing.”

The mother of one said she is very grateful to be in the position she’s and glad to see awards specifically for women in what she says is a very male dominated industry.

The Manchester solicitor feels she has been lucky to have had great mentors from whom she has learned a great deal over the years.

“I think managing and mentoring isn’t an easy job, and it requires a lot of patience and fortitude. If done well, it can really help someone advance and has a lasting impact.

“When I get messages from people who I’ve mentored over the years, it’s a nice feeling knowing they’re still thinking of me and how I have helped them.

“The best feeling for me is when I see a person whom I’ve mentored go from a paralegal to a qualified solicitor, independently running a caseload and winning trials because I know that I’ve had some part to play in that.

“To all the mentors everywhere, your actions have the power to profoundly impact lives for the better.”