Stevie Kidd, founder of the Stevie Kidd Pathway.

Business leaders will learn the secrets to successful entrepreneurship in a once-in-a-lifetime seminar delivered by renowned Scottish performance coach Stevie Kidd later this month.

‘Operator to Entrepreneur’ is a unique programme offering delegates a rare opportunity to learn from one of the UK’s top business strategists and discover customers they’re not even thinking about at the moment.

A performance coach who is coached, Kidd has spent the last 30 years investing in his own development by some of the world’s leading psychologists including Dr Richard Bandler, Tony Robbins, John La Valle and Dr Joe Dispenza.

He has travelled the globe studying human behaviour and specialises in legacy mindset, creating transformational change in people’s lives, both personally and professionally.


A business strategist and performance coach with an international client base, the award-winning entrepreneur will pass on his inspiring self-leadership techniques during the groundbreaking event on Thursday, 16 November.

Stevie’s son and business partner Ryan Kidd will help deliver the fast-paced 97-minute masterclass which will see delegates immersed in the understanding of the self, the brain, emotions, neurology and mindsets.

The father-and-son partnership run the Glasgow-based Stevie Kidd Pathway which supports people in their quest for personal and business growth, central to which is the acclaimed series of Reach Your Peak (RYP) events. 2024 will see the pair lead delegates from around the world on expeditions to the top of the ‘Roof of Africa’, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Everest Base Camp in their latest RYP journeys of self-discovery.

The seminar will help owners pivot from the operational side to understanding the mindset of being entrepreneurial, consistently optimising and constantly improving.

“My life motto is to serve, give and grow,” said Stevie, a former IoD (Scotland) Director of the Year. “That is my purpose in life. People will find theirs on the night.

“I started as an operator but through being coached myself by some of the best coaches in the world, I grew into an entrepreneur. I’m wanting to share what has worked for me.

“I did something similar when Covid struck and delivered complimentary courses for 12 weeks which impacted many people around the world.

“This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is also about giving back because I can.

“The objective is to help people work on, rather than in, their businesses by providing them with new techniques. We’ll help them understand the eight forces of business mastery which will give them unimaginable levels of ways to think and feel differently.”

‘Operator to Entrepreneur’ is attracting interest from companies around the UK, with participants spanning a variety of sectors and industries including construction, engineering, financial services, and international transportation logistics.

“I recognise the challenges that business leaders face and this masterclass will give them the tools and techniques to change their lives,” added Stevie, who has studied business excellence in New York and Boston and participated in a learning journey with the likes of Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Apple and Bloomberg.

“People are conditioned to think in a certain way. Owners can often be the very obstacle to their business growing and this will help them understand the business life cycle and to look at things through a different lens, that of an entrepreneur rather than an operator.

“This will give people a roadmap for themselves as well as their business and give them new perspectives not trapped by beliefs. They will start to discover their authentic selves and see business from a new perspective.

“I know that if people put this information into practise, their lives and businesses will change. Who they are today will no longer exist.”