Pioneering Inclusive Employment and Enriching Lives at TRACO

TRACO, renowned for its sustainable approach to furniture recycling and equipment lifecycle management, joins forces with Enable Ability’s Inter Activ Programme, championing inclusive employment. Enable Ability, a respected organisation dedicated to aiding disabled and disadvantaged individuals has found a powerful ally in TRACO.

Peter Hooker, Senior Into Work Skills Coach at Enable Ability, lauds TRACO for positively transforming the lives of four individuals by providing them with meaningful employment opportunities. These opportunities have rippled through their families and communities, highlighting TRACO’s deep commitment to diversity and social responsibility.

In 2023, TRACO stood out as the most successful Partner employer in the programme, a testament to their dedication to integrating a wide range of talents into their workforce. This synergy between TRACO’s sustainable business model and Enable Ability’s mission to empower individuals with barriers to employment showcases a model of corporate social responsibility at its best.

Hooker notes, “TRACO’s impactful actions have significantly enriched the local economy, mirroring their caring nature and business ethos.” The success stories of these individuals are a clear indicator of TRACO’s inclusive work culture and their drive to create a diverse and supportive workplace.


TRACO and Enable Ability’s partnership sets a benchmark in the field of inclusive employment, demonstrating the profound impact of diversity on both individuals and the broader community.

“Managing a business where people are respected and supported to do their best work, should be the norm in my view.  There should be nothing remarkable about hiring good people from diverse backgrounds with different skill sets. TRACO is proud to accept this accolade from one of Hampshire’s finest disability charities and we will continue to champion diversity whilst working hard to deliver competitive services to our clients.” Jason Bently, Managing Director and Founder of TRACO.