TheVitCo's vitamin patch range

Demand for vitamin supplements has soared amongst UK adults due to the additional pressure caused by going back to the office and children being back at school.

All-natural vitamin patch company TheVitCo said it had seen a 120 per cent rise in sales since the end of the summer holidays and the move away from working from home.

It said sales were particularly high when it came to patches helping people combat things such as anxiety, depression, tiredness, and poor sleeping patterns.

The return to playing business-social sports such as golf, and team sports at the weekend, has also seen a large rise in copper patches to tackle pain relief and niggles.

TheVitCo, based at Riversway Business Village, Preston, supplies innovative vitamin and supplement formulas without prescription, through its VitPatch range.

Director Jack Taylor said its Multivitamin and Energy Boost B12 patches, in particular, had become extremely popular.

He said: “There is no doubt that after a lengthy period of time when Covid forced people to work from home, things are getting back to normal and more and more people are going back into the office.

“That brings with it the stress of the commute and extra all-round anxiety associated with doing something people are no longer used to.

“When you add that to the stress of the children being back at school, then many people are looking for that extra help when it comes to maintaining their general health and wellbeing.

“Then we have those people who are starting to play sports again, particularly golf, with business colleagues or socially and who are picking up niggles or need pain relief after so long off the course.”

TheVitCo was launched earlier this year to meet the demand for an alternative and more effective delivery method for vitamins and nutrients than the traditional pills, powders, and shakes.

TheVitCo Patch range is clinically proven and is designed with slow-release technology, allowing a steady flow of the ingredients to pass into the body via the skin, directly into the bloodstream, therefore avoiding the digestive system.

The VitPatch range is made up of:

CBD Isolate Patch (0%THC Free):  Used to treat an array of ailments and conditions including anti-inflammation, as well as helping to induce sleep and has shown amazing results in reducing anxiety and depression.

Multivitamin Patch: Contains 25 selected vitamins/minerals and antioxidants that your body needs to function properly and may also help with vitamin deficiency, strengthening the immune system and protecting healthy cells. Ideal for those with a seriously busy lifestyle.

Energy Boost B12: Contain all 8 B vitamins with B12 being the major component. B12 is key for so many bodily functions, including reproduction of red blood cells, energy production and reduce fatigue. B vitamins are the building blocks for a healthy body. Great for people working at night / antisocial hours, or just continuously on the go.

Immune Vitamin D Boost Patch: Supplements the Vitamin D bodies produce when exposed to UV sunlight. As we get older our bodies ability to manufacture Vitamin D decreases. For all the night owls, indoor workers and others who spent a lot of time inside.

Pain Relief Copper Patch: Targets aches and pains, with copper proven to be an essential micro-nutrient. For manual workers and sportsmen and women with injuries and niggles.

CBD Broad Spectrum Patch: This patch gives you the full range that the cannabis plant has to offer by providing the best elements of the cannabinoid extracts. Shown to promote deep sleep and has shown results in reducing anxiety and depression.