Voices to host audio production services

Voices, the largest global online marketplace for voice-over, has announced the expansion of its platform to host audio production services in addition to the newly added translation and music composition services and its core voice over service offering. The marketplace expansion directly acknowledges the growing needs of both freelancers and brands as the gig economy continues to shift and redefine the future of work.

“Our marketplace is evolving to provide even more creative services to support companies developing their audio brands. Now, we’re hosting audio producers, editors, mixers, and sound designers who can lend their expertise to our clients looking to complement their in-house creative teams and offer customers hi-fidelity sonic experiences,” says David Ciccarelli, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Voices.

Colombian voice actor and sound engineer Juan Carlos Jaramillo R. is an audio production veteran with nearly three decades of experience. When he creates background music or a jingle for an advertisement—a 30-second track that elicits the desired mood and customer sentiment a brand wants—he refers to the work as being like “a custom-made suit for a product.“

“The sonic signature is a leitmotif that can be part of or inserted in the background music. It is generally the end of the jingle (or background custom music) and that particular phrase will remain in your head creating remembrance of the product by repetition,” Jaramillo explains. Often, he translates the same song in different versions for different seasons, “For example for summer time or Christmas,” Jaramillo explains. “Versioning will be a great tool to make a full package for a full year, and people won’t get tired of hearing that same jingle all the time.“

Ambient sounds are used to create the scenery for a video in audio. “If you don’t see the visuals, audio is everything,” shares Jaramillo. “Think of an ad for a mosquito repellent. We synchronize the sound of a bugging mosquito, and then the clap when you try to hit it.”

Brands are adopting new audio marketing techniques to build brand awareness. The audio revolution is experienced by customers around the world as they not only see, but now hear what their favourite brands sound like. Brands are increasingly recognizing that professional audio production helps them stand out in an economy starved for consumers’ attention.