Recruitment has had a tough time of it over the past three years. Not only did the pandemic send shockwaves through the world but it was swiftly followed by a series of aftershocks. Brexit, skilled worker shortages, the cost-of-living crisis, inflation, and increased energy bills all came in succession. Yet one local company not only rode the storm, but barrel waved into 2023 with their best financial year since 2005.

In fact, Bournemouth-based recruitment firm, Platinum Recruitment Consultancy Ltd, has a lot to celebrate. Not only did 2022 see its best year to date but the company filled a staggering 25,668 jobs and helped 1,760 clients amidst a crippling recruitment crisis.

By the end of 2022, Platinum Recruitment’s turnover was 9.7 million. An increase of 333% from the previous year. The fiscal year 2023 is again looking to increase and is likely to top £15 Million for the first time. Company Director, Paul Sinclair, credits the success in large part to the dedicated team working at Platinum. “Having worked in recruitment for almost 20 years, we know how important the right team is to an organisation. We’ve worked hard to create a business where everyone feels valued and in turn, each member of our team has strived to make Platinum the very best it can be.”

During the lockdown, Platinum branched out of hospitality recruitment into other specialised fields including commercial, industrial, healthcare and education. To manage the growing demand, Platinum’s workforce increased by 41 per cent over the past three years. Paul added “We have worked meticulously to ensure that not only are our employees the right fit for Platinum but that the company and our working environment are the right fit for the team.”


To accommodate its expanding team, the agency recently relocated into newly refurbished offices at Ocean 80, in Lansdowne. Designed by a local company, Axis House, the 5000 sq. Ft. open-plan office is something befitting a high-end marketing agency. As you enter the office, natural light floods in from tall windows offering views of Bournemouth rooftops and the streets below. Natural foliage and walls of green topiary bring the outside in whilst SONOS speakers play upbeat soundtracks designed to aid concentration.

Five meeting rooms offer space for teams to collaborate or for individuals to enjoy an alternate working zone. Docking stations at each desk offer true mobility, allowing staff to pick up their laptop and work comfortably from any spot within the office. Whether it’s a sunlit window nook, a seat at the high table, or one of the ergonomic posture balls.

Staggered bleacher-style seating, with round cushions, wraps around a large made-to-measure fish tank in the centre. To one side, a sizeable kitchen with a breakfast bar, hydro water tap, integrated wine fridge and the gamechanger of all coffee machines; the Nespresso Momento. On the other, a breakout area with table tennis, a pool table, a PS5 gaming station, and Apple TV.

The breakout area, named Everest, is also where the company congregate for their weekly Friday meeting. Named after the Earth’s highest mountain, Everest houses Platinum’s coolest bit of tech yet.

With Microsoft Teams room capability installed, this sociable, open-plan space becomes a sixth meeting room. Thanks to the noise cancelling technology installed in the ceiling, the office can continue to function whilst nearby colleagues hold an interruption-free meeting within the space.

Lee Dredge from Vizst, the company behind Platinum’s tech said “The meeting room experiences, in particular, Everest, demonstrates the forward-thinking approach Platinum have towards embracing technology to improve communication and collaboration.” When asked what he thought about the new office, he added “I love the modern look and feel, it is a design that allows staff to socialise and meet whilst staying within the office.”

A hub of comfort, ingenious design features & ridiculously cool gadgets, Platinum’s new home is a nod to the individuals and the teams who have contributed to the company’s continued growth during recent years. Paul commented “We wanted to create a space that was befitting the brilliant team we work with. Team collaboration is at the heart of our success, as such, we needed to create a workspace that was more appealing than working from home whilst celebrating working within a team environment. The end result represents the best parts of a traditional office and working from your front room.”

Recruitment Consultant, Sonny Hudson says “It feels like less of a workplace and more like a creative space. There is a sense of pride attached to it and it’s the culmination of 18 odd years of hard work from Platinum Group.”

In 2023 we are going to continue to see companies struggle to find the candidates they need. The cost-of-living crisis has made people wary of changing jobs, instead, applying a ‘quiet quitting’ approach. Platinum advises hiring managers to work alongside professional agencies like themselves to help fill temporary and permanent skill gaps in their workforce.

Paul added, “Agencies like Platinum need to work hard to gain the trust of clients and candidates and offer both a professional alternative that helps them navigate the inevitable stormy waters over the coming months.”