Stacy Thomson, founder of REDDI

Are you looking for something different when it comes to dating? Craving genuine connections with cool people? REDDI Dating Roundtable for 2024 is back!

Stacy Thomson, 44 from St Albans near London is the founder of revolutionary matchmaking and dating app REDDI which has it’s heart focussed on attachment style dating theory. A mental health expert, business psychologist and entrepreneur, Thomson’s dating app is shaking things up in the online world.

Stacy said: “A few months ago, alongside our matchmakers here at REDDI, we ran a small test event with 4 wonderful app members, who had expressed an interest in our matchmaking open network.  This was all part of us testing different ideas for ways in which our members could not only connect, but also get value from signing up to the platform”.

So, what’s the Dating Roundtable ?


It doesn’t take a scientist to know we’re all struggling to find a partner. Before dating apps, many of my past partners were discovered through friends or mutual connections. REDDI members echo this sentiment, sharing that their best dates often came from introductions during college and uni days.
But how do we recreate those moments as adults?

Over the past 10 years as a mental health expert, business psychologist and dating app founder Stacy has often had people tell her that the solution is to just “put yourself out there” – but, it’s not always the most practical or ideal, and is easier said than done. Less matchmaking within friendship groups too, sadly.

Enter the dating roundtable… The objective is simple – connect on a deeper level and see if  members know someone in their circles they’d love to *intentionally* introduce to each other.

Over drinks, guests reflected on their love lives – love languages, non-negotiables, successes, failures, lessons learned, and what they’re seeking next. Stacy said: “The feedback was incredible – setting aside matchmaking, everyone found the process of sharing to be an incredibly rare exercise.Introductions weren’t necessarily romantic either – more like, “Hey, I met someone great that I think you’d get along with!”, with the view that if something romantic unfolds, it does so naturally.”

Now, Stacy is aiming to build on the success if last year’s event and this time she is keen to connect more people. For this first round of 2024 she is seeking participants for one event in St Albans and several events in London the week commencing February 12th.

This could be right for you if:

• Are Hertfordshire or London-based
• Fall within the 23-45 age range
• Have had at least one prior serious relationship
• Are open to delving deep with up to 5 strangers

You can find out more in the REDDI community on Instagram.