New white label solution empowers companies to offer their customers control over their digital assets for secure and seamless account recovery and digital legacy

AssetPass, the leading digital legacy platform which enables users to securely take full ownership of their digital assets, is announcing that it is launching a white label solution that will allow trusted brands to offer their customers control over their digital assets for secure and seamless account recovery and digital legacy.

The unique Trustee Release Control Process for digital legacy management

AssetPass is the leader in digital asset recovery and digital legacy management with an end-to-end encrypted, unique release process that empowers individuals to securely and privately manage their digital assets. This benefits users in the event they need to recover high value digital assets, such as 24-word seed phrases for crypto wallets, as well as for managing their digital legacy.


Users can be assured that they and/or their beneficiaries are not locked out from accessing important and valuable digital assets if they lose their private keys and passwords, or in the event they are incapacitated or pass away.

The platform is used to store a wide array of digital assets, including valuable items like NFTs and private keys to cryptocurrency wallets, legal documents including Last Will and Testaments and Lasting Power of Attorney, vital medical documentation, as well as cherished digital assets of personal value, such as photographs and videos. The four-step Trustee Release Control Process (TRCP) enables the controlled and confidential delivery of digital assets to assigned beneficiaries. By assigning a ‘trustee’ who possesses the authority to release your digital assets to designated beneficiaries, beneficiaries can be given access to these assets through a simple and secure process.

Enabling trusted brands to pioneer digital legacy

The new white label solution enables organisations to harness the power of the AssetPass platform, but in their own company brand and identity to offer a digital legacy solution to their customers. This white label solution aims to support long-term customer loyalty and retention, whilst offering the benefit of a vital new service to the user. Additionally, the service is designed to generate a brand-new recurring revenue stream via a subscription-based model which can increase shareholder value.

The white label service is managed end-to-end, including a full technical and security audit that ensures AssetPass meets internal requirements for cybersecurity and data storage, as well as GDPR compliance. The solution can be deployed as mobile applications for both Android and iOS on the Google and Apple Store, and also as a full web-based application for enterprise solutions.

Paul Rossini, Co-Founder of AssetPass, commented: “Many of us think of digital asset ownership as being the same as physical asset ownership – and sadly it’s often only when unfortunate events occur that we realise they’re not. For example, it is very common for people that have been bequeathed cryptocurrency to not be able to access it due to not having the private key. And even cherished photos can be lost forever without the correct passwords to access the accounts where they’re stored.

“And with the launch of our white label solution, we look forward to working with more of the brands that consumers trust to help them proactively manage their digital legacy.

The consumer AssetPass application is also currently available in the Google Play and Apple Stores. Thousands of users around the world have discovered the benefits of using AssetPass to take ownership of their digital assets and manage their digital legacy.