Provide Community and ETS at the ABP Awards

Provide Community has proudly announced they have donated £14,940 to the Royal British Legion.

For every colleague engagement survey completed in October 2023, a pledge was made that a £20 donation would be made to the Royal British Legion, timely with Remembrance Day in November.

Mark Heasman, Provide Group Chief Executive said: “Our unique charitable giving initiative underscores our commitment to our valued employee’s feedback and the community.

“Having this incentive for colleagues to complete the survey, not only encouraged more participation, which has increased year on year, but provides the opportunity to make a difference to a charity that we can all relate to, especially at this time of year.”


The colleague survey is hosted collaboratively with Expert Training Systems (ETS), who Provide Community partnered with to support the growth strategy and enhance employee engagement.

On Wednesday 8 November 2023, Provide Community won an award for Excellence in Employee Engagement, in partnership with ETS, at the Association for Business Psychology Awards.

Mark added: “This award win is an incredible achievement and a testament to the collaborative work we deliver with ETS.”

Nicky Paris, Director and Client Partner at ETS, said: “From my very first conversation with Provide Community, I was struck by their commitment to really engaging with their colleagues, as well as their wider vision of community interest. It’s a business with a purposeful path and ETS has enjoyed playing an active part on their journey.

“It speaks volumes about a business when they are open to your recommendations to keep raising the bar. Provide Community have always listened and accepted the challenge, and the results of this latest survey speak for themselves”.