Wire for use in Additive Manufacturing will be on the agenda for AWI at Farnborough International Airshow next week

One of the UK’s leading manufacturers of round, flat and profile wire is heading to Farnborough International Airshow next week (July 18-22) with an exciting new offer for component makers.

Alloy Wire International (AWI), which has been AS9100-accredited since 2013, is now selling its Exotic nickel alloy wire to the 3D printing industry as more suppliers tap into the desire for cost effective rapid production of parts.

The company can manufacture its wire for ‘Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM)’, a process that produces near net shape components that require less machining and wastes less material than conventional methods.

It can also provide quicker lead times than conventional forging or casting without the need for complex tooling, moulds or dies.


Angus Hogarth, R&D Director at AWI, commented: “It’s all about finding that manufacturing difference and additive manufacturing is a discipline the aerospace manufacturers are increasingly investing in.

“We were confident we could play a role in 3D Printing and, after months of R&D and technical reviews, we see our business as being a strong supplier of Exotic nickel alloy wire to the growing additive manufacturing sector. This is something we will definitely be promoting at Farnborough with new and existing customers.

Exhibiting as part of the Midlands Aerospace Alliance cluster in Hall 1 (Pod 1, Stand 1320), Alloy Wire International tends to be a 4th tier supplier to the aerospace market, with its material manufactured into components that are integral to aircraft structures, in instrumentation and high-performance engines.

The company’s wire and straight bars, which are produced at its state-of-the-art factory in the West Midlands, is made into springs, fire detection wire, fasteners and electrical instruments – all manufactured so that they work at high temperatures and/or in corrosive gases or liquids.

Visitors to the show will get the opportunity to talk with AWI’s R&D and sales personnel to discuss new projects, prototype work and supply chain agility, with orders able to be made in coils, on spools or straight bars within a range of 0.025mm (0.001”) to 21mm (0.827”).

Paul Chatterley, Sales Executive at Alloy Wire International, went on to add: “We’ll be displaying some commonly used alloys for the aerospace sector, including Inconel, Nimonic, Monel, Nitronic, Phynox and Waspaloy.

“For only the second time, delegates will also be able to explore the recent introduction of INCONEL: 617®, a Nickel-Chromium-Cobalt-Molybdenum alloy with an addition of aluminium.

“This is our latest addition to a 60+ range of alloys and delivers a combination of increased strength and stability at elevated temperatures (up to 1100°C/2012°F), whilst retaining the high temperature resistance of INCONEL® alloy 601.

“Its high Nickel and Chromium content makes INCONEL: 617® resistant to a variety of both reducing and oxidising media, not to mention achieving comparable corrosion resistance to INCONEL 625.”

AWI is a long-standing member of the Midlands Aerospace Alliance and, with export levels approaching 65% of its £12m turnover, will be one of the firms chosen to meet Mr Ranil Jayawardena, Minister for International Trade, on Tuesday 19th July.