Medallia, the global leader in customer and employee experience, today announced it has been recognised as a Technology Leader in the Q4 2023 Spark Matrix for Digital Marketing Analytics, published by leading market research firm Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. As one of the top performers in the report, analysts state that Medallia “provide[s] a sophisticated and comprehensive technology platform to address various use cases, such as delivering real-time personalisation to customers.”

This report evaluated 15 service providers based on 12 criteria, including competitive differentiation strategy, vision & roadmap, product performance, ease of deployment & use, and customer service excellence.

“We are honoured to be recognised as a leader in the SPARK Matrix report for digital marketing analytics,” said Alex Glanz, EVP of Strategy at Medallia. “Medallia’s unique ability to understand experiences across channels empowers digital marketers and customer experience leaders to know their online customers with a new depth. By activating these omnichannel insights, brands using Medallia – whether for customer experience or specific digital marketing initiatives – are able to personalise every experience and deliver more return on investment to their organisations.”

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions analysts state that “Medallia’s distinctive capability lies in its capacity to enable organisations to gain comprehensive insights into the changing preferences and demands of individual customers, leading to personalised interactions.”


According to Richa Choubey, Analyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, “Medallia empowers its users to perform personalised orchestration of customer journeys, visualise customer interactions on websites and apps, and efficient journey management through its offerings, Medallia Experience Orchestration & Digital Experience Analytics. Medallia’s Digital Marketing Analytics (DMA) offerings stand out owing to their ability to generate real-time interaction-based insights, develop and maintain customer profiles, and evaluate and score user experience on multiple parameters. Medallia’s ability to provide comprehensive DMA technology offerings, efficient discovery of customer interest and context with scarcely available customer data, and its ability to cater to a wide range of use cases has resulted in Medallia achieving the Leader position in the SPARK Matrix: Digital Marketing Analytics, 2023.”

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions analysts highlight key differentiators in the Medallia platform, such as its ability to ‘facilitate real-time, highly personalised interactions based on insights that are delivered through centralised orchestration,’ as well as its ‘Digital Experience Score (DXS) that evaluates the quality of online user experience across various parameters.’