Nassar Manzoor

With a rich blend of business and caregiving experience, Farzana Khan and Nassar Manzoor are embarking on a mission to revolutionise in-home care in East Lancashire. Motivated by first-hand experiences of the need for respectful in-home care in the community, Farzana and Nassar are launching Visiting Angels in Nelson – a team that cares for people in the comfort of their own homes. Recognising the diverse tapestry of the local community, the duo are focusing on delivering culturally sensitive and personalised care to cater to the distinctive needs of East Lancashire.

Throughout her 23-year career in the care sector, Farzana has worked with a range of local care providers. This experience highlighted a critical concern – the lack of adequate support for care staff, who are the backbone of any care company, leading to their ‘carer-centric’ focus. This, together with personal experiences in seeking personalised care for her dad, fuelled Farzana’s passion for establishing a care business with a focus on high-quality, individualised care – steering away from the generic one-size-fits-all approach.

“After my dad suffered a stroke and needed care, he struggled to accept it, and the staff failed to resonate with his cultural needs,” said Farzana. “That was the turning point when I realised the real need for a care business that addresses personal and cultural requirements. By launching Visiting Angels, my goal is to ensure that everyone in East Lancashire, irrespective of their background, has access to caregiving that is not only empathetic but also culturally sensitive.”

As Farzana contributes her extensive care experience, Nassar brings valuable business acumen to their partnership. While spending 13 years as a bank manager, Nassar was actively engaged in the community – addressing the challenges faced by the older generation amid technological changes in banking. His proactive approach tackled these challenges and cultivated a culture of giving back, a principle he aims to replicate at Visiting Angels.


“I’ve always had a business and care mindset,” explained Nassar. “I thought to myself, given my business acumen and Farzana’s expertise in the care sector, why don’t we join forces and establish our own care provider business? Having worked in and supported the community for many years, I could see that Visiting Angels is precisely what East Lancashire needs.

“I’ve been personally affected by the urgent need for care. Last year, my mum spent 63 hours in A&E. Seeing her suffer due to the nationwide care crisis, I felt determined to restore the feel-good factor to caregiving and those in need. And, importantly, it’s about actively engaging with and being a part of the community that Farzana and I love.”

Visiting Angels’ ‘carer-centric’ approach sets it apart from other companies in the in-home care sector. Carers working for Visiting Angels feel valued and respected for their commitment to the industry. By offering financial rewards and avenues for career development, Farzana, Nassar and the Visiting Angels team are committed to addressing industry challenges that frequently leave caregivers feeling undervalued and underappreciated.

As part of their commitment to the local community, Farzana and Nassar are collaborating with other businesses and initiatives that align with Visiting Angels’ values. “One of our main aims is to truly embed Visiting Angels into the local area,” said Nassar. “In choosing to partner with Burnley FC Community Trust, we recognise the great work they do in understanding community needs, organising charity events and actively participating in monthly dementia groups – all initiatives that resonate with us. With all the community projects they’re involved in, catering to both the young and old, I see this collaboration as a fantastic opportunity. Burnley FC Community Trust appreciates what Visiting Angels stands for, and we’re really excited to work together.”