Bingham Riverhouse credit Silverheart Pictures

Bingham Riverhouse, the hotel, restaurant and Members’ Club on the Thames in Richmond, is hosting an exciting and unique Dragon’s Den style investor event where entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to pitch to a panel of angel investors to help build and grow their businesses!

The event on September 28 will be a friendlier, supportive and more encouraging version than the famed TV show and will bring together innovative, creative and ambitious entrepreneurs from across all sectors to showcase their businesses and pitch to a panel of experienced industry leading investors from a range of sectors.

It represents a real opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to upscale their businesses and others who are seeking investment for a business that is already trading and seeking valuable recognition and financial support from some of the country’s best business minds.

Each entrepreneur will have 5 minutes to pitch their business to the panel, followed by a Q&A session. The panel will then have time to review and select which entrepreneurs they would like to invest in.


The panel is comprised of a series of industry experts all keen to invest. These include:

Global serial entrepreneur, Said Rahmani, who is renowned for pioneering SAN in his first start-up in the States. As Managing Founding Partner of one the largest funds in the Greater MENA region, he has invested over $350m in hundreds of start-ups fostering digital economy ecosystems.

Hospitality Expert and Chartered Surveyor, Kelly Duffy, champions female entrepreneurs to unlock their full potential in business. She is a serial entrepreneur, Business Strategist and Angel Investor.

Founder investor and non-exec in Pizza Pilgrims, Ian Edward, who is on the board of Incipio and an investor in Vagabond, Double Dutch and Thunderbird Fried Chicken.

Serial entrepreneur Lauren Lovett has started 3 successful businesses in the beauty and digital marketing spaces. She is an industry leader in engaging with online communities and ensuring consistent results for brands.

James Joyce is another serial entrepreneur with a focus on the retail sector. His previous experience includes the position of brand director for companies including Ralph Lauren and Rolex.  His current business creates bespoke events for companies to build relationships and partnerships within the retail sector.

The event will be moderated by Sue Walter, CEO, NED and Strategic Advisor, who has over 20 years of experience across a wide range of fast-growing organisations.

Potential investors are also invited to meet with top start-ups as the event represents an opportunity for both investors and entrepreneurs to support one another.

Serial entrepreneur and co-owner of Bingham Riverhouse, Samantha Trinder commented: “I come from a family of entrepreneurs and take so much inspiration from my mother, Ruth Trinder, who bought the Bingham Riverhouse property decades ago and together we developed it into what it is today. The growth of our own business makes us so proud to be at the heart of Richmond’s entrepreneurial community, which is really growing, and this event seeks to increase opportunities both for investors and entrepreneurs to support one another, creating a mutually beneficial environment to achieve bigger objectives collaboratively.

Bingham Riverhouse hosts a series of innovative members events. The Riverhouse Raise event is open to all members and the perk of membership is that you can bring guests whether its fellow entrepreneurs or investors or those of you looking to be inspired. Memberships range from After Hours Membership; designed for those who wish to connect with the property’s vibrant social scene, Flow Membership; which offers unlimited yoga, Pilates and meditation classes, Office Membership; giving members and their team (up to three) a light filled dedicated workspace and finally the Riverhouse Membership; which gives members a true home away from home with a stunning workspace with river views, 2 complimentary wellbeing classes a month and discounts on their food and drink bill.

This exciting event truly offers entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to build their business, so those interested in attending should find a member to come along with or better yet sign up for a Bingham Riverhouse Membership.