Workhuman Live Forum’s world-class speakers and solution-focused panels will help today’s HR leaders gain new insights and learn the skills they need to cultivate cultures of innovation

Is your company’s culture ready for the future of work? Workhuman Live Forum is back in London, England, for its second year to bring insights from HR’s best conference to Europe. Workhuman is thrilled to announce that renowned author and researcher Erin Meyer will be taking the stage to keynote the show, taking place on the 4th of June at the London Hilton in Park Lane. Today’s HR leaders are looking to build a company culture that creates innovators, not followers— and Meyer’s insights will equip leaders with the strategies they need to navigate the complex and ever-globalising human workplace.

For over two decades, Meyer has researched cross-cultural management and communication. Her work as a professor, author, and speaker has helped define culture as a cornerstone of any thriving business. With her bestselling book The Culture Map, Meyer distinguished herself as one of the foremost thought leaders when it comes to culture-centric people management. Meyer’s insights have been put into action at businesses across industries—from Fortune 500 companies to government organisations. Most recently, Meyer co-authored No Rules Rules, a New York Times bestseller exploring Netflix’s radical management culture—and what others can learn from it.

Meyer’s research helps leaders around the globe cultivate consistent, effective communication that bridges the gaps culture differences create—making her expertise an essential part of the future of work. At Workhuman Live Forum, Meyer will offer a timely perspective on one of the most critical business issues facing leaders today: how to consider multiple cultural influences when building a high-functioning, inclusive, and effective team that priorities both humanity and innovation. Attendees will walk away with the skillset they need to cultivate a culture where employees, and the business as a whole, can thrive in the future of work.


Workhuman Live Forum brings together thought leaders who understand what today’s HR professionals are up against and who know how to address the root of their problems—not put a bandage on the symptoms. Today’s leaders need to learn how to encourage the key skills their people will need to thrive: growth, resilience, and a desire to keep innovating. Workhuman Live Forum will be jam-packed full of targeted sessions, speeches, and opportunities to cultivate the relationships that will help leaders rise to the occasion and define what the future of work will look like for their organisation.