Purple Transform embarks on second phase of project, with prototype enhancement supported by Cisco in real-life deployment

Purple Transform today announced that global technology leader Cisco is joining Project SAIVE. Purple Transform focuses on developing technology to improve human outcomes, and with Project SAIVE, in collaboration with Lancaster University, their AI models are utilised to identify people at risk of committing suicide on the railways. Three separate AI-enabled technologies identify and assess individuals at risk, alerting staff, mental health professionals, and the police while offering actionable advice on response.

Involvement of Cisco Country Digitisation Acceleration (Cisco CDA) – Cisco’s ongoing initiative to drive digitalisation across public and private sectors – will help Project SAIVE to address the prevalent issue of suicide prevention on railways, as well as passenger safety and rail productivity. Beyond the immediate challenges of disruption, replacement services, and penalties, the project aims to mitigate the immense trauma experienced by train drivers, station personnel, and onlookers.

“Purple Transform is currently developing a prototype aimed at identifying vulnerable individuals, using AI-trained cameras to look for indicators of potential suicide attempts,” said Gregory Butler, CEO, Purple Transform. “With Cisco’s support, we’re taking our innovative tech from lab to life through the installation of the project in a real-world environment to further advance the prototype.


“Cisco is proud to be working with Purple Transform and Lancaster University on such a crucial project to leverage digital tools like AI to empower a rapid, compassionate response – minimising harm and offering support to those at risk,” said Tom Kneen, CTO Office and Head of Country Digital Acceleration, Cisco UK & Ireland. “Project SAIVE isn’t just about protecting infrastructure; it’s about protecting people.”