The demand for efficient cash management is growing worldwide. To find the right balance between functionality, flexibility and cost, Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) now offers the Compass Cash Centre as a highly scalable software solution from the cloud.

Cash centre management is a complex network of processes that requires many resources. Software solutions can bring greater efficiency and automation to this area by optimising workflows, making them more transparent, and improving predictability with real-time data. G+D Compass Cash Centre is a modular software solution for central banks, commercial banks and cash-in-transit companies that digitises and automates processes within the cash centre. It covers the full cash centre management including inbound deposits, outbound orders, ATM replenishment and inventory management plus the tracking of all cash movements within the cash centre. The solution is offered in three variants (Starter, Premium and Enterprise) and can be integrated into existing IT architectures via a wide range of interfaces.

In addition to the proven, widely used on-premises solution, Compass Cash Centre is now also available from the cloud via a flexible, highly scalable software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution named Compass Cash Centre Cloud. The SaaS model offers the following key benefits:

Improved cost efficiency: Compass Cash Centre no longer needs to be installed in the customer’s data centre. This reduces IT operating costs, simplifies IT administration and increases cash management efficiency.
Quick and easy access: No software installation is required on users’ workstations, as it is operated through a web browser. Enhanced control of the cash centre can be performed anytime via browser access.
Increased scalability, flexibility, and availability: Cloud services are highly scalable. They adapt quickly and easily to changing needs ensuring higher availability of the solution.
The SaaS version of Compass Cash Centre complies with over 100 regional and global data protection standards.


Compass Cash Centre Cloud is available now, initially with the two variants Starter and Premium, with Enterprise to follow in 2024. The scalable Starter version is designed with functions such as deposit and order management and inventory management. The Premium version offers complete cash management for the commercial sector, including ATM replenishment.

“With G+D’s Compass Cash Centre, users can improve both the profitability of their operations and the service they offer their customers,” explains Ross Knight, Director of Business Development and Product Management at Giesecke+Devrient Digital Solutions. “The SaaS solution now gives them the freedom to choose the variant and hosting model that best suits their cash management needs. This underlines the value of G+D as a market-driven, trustworthy and highly experienced solution partner in the cash cycle.”