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In today’s mental-health-conscious era, well-being is at the forefront of many people’s minds as they seek wellness products and services to enhance their overall well-being. As a result, a thriving local and national industry has sprung up to meet demand, and we see businesses pivoting their business model to take advantage of this new opportunity.

In this blog, we will explore four critical considerations for developing a business model that impacts people’s lives. We’ll delve into Birmingham’s local well-being directory as a case study, and we’ll conclude by considering how businesses can cater to this new demand for increased well-being, readily available help, and accessible support.

Fulfil a Need

The most critical elements of any business plan are identifying a niche, establishing and proving demand, and then honing in on the demographics of your target market.

For MIXiiN’s founder, finding a niche was easy. With years of experience in the NHS as a nurse, she saw firsthand the problems that lack of well-being and difficulty finding support brought to her patients. She recognised that one of the easiest ways she could reduce that was to create a directory – a first port of call for Birmingham residents looking to improve their mental health.


Businesses can attract customers, differentiate, and build their reputation by specialising in a particular niche, offering a specialised service, or fulfilling a specific need.

Embrace a Holistic Approach

Well-being is a multifaceted industry and includes businesses working with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Those seeking well-being services will likely search for one partner who can meet their needs.

To create a unique business model, adopt a holistic approach addressing one or more interconnected health services. This is how MIXiiN expanded its reach — instead of focusing on one narrow definition of well-being and health; it expanded its directory to include a comprehensive list of businesses, services, and charities. Now, they are a definitive voice for wellness services locally.

Utilise Technology

Post-pandemic, leveraging technology and innovation is crucial for a unique business model, even for organisations offering services in well-being, help, and support.

For MIXiiN, this meant working with the correct partner for their web design and development. They knew building a great directory with a fantastic, easy-to-use interface meant working with a leading WordPress developer. They also knew that the success of their directory depended on having infallible communication tools to build relationships with their business partners and their users.

They chose to work with a local web design agency, Globalgraphics Web Design. From the project’s beginning, Globalgraphics understood the vision for MIXiiN’s directory, developing a custom WordPress solution that is scalable, intuitive, and comprehensive.

Local Collaboration and Partnerships

MIXiiN wouldn’t be a directory without the hundreds of local organisations and partners who list their services. Building local partnerships and fostering collaboration were critical elements of MIXiiN’s success.

For MIXiiN, these relationships were built in two ways. Firstly, each well-being local business pays a small fee to be featured in the directory. Businesses can feature services, locations, and products and host events advertised through MIXiiN’s social media and direct email campaigns. This versatility and comprehensive service build long-term partnerships with local businesses, helping local businesses form partnerships with complementary businesses.

Alongside business partnerships, MIXiiN builds relationships with its users, offering valuable free content through its blog, social media, and email marketing. This was a key strategy from MIXiiN’s development work with Globalgraphics Web Design, which designed an optimal blog and content interface to encourage readership and build an audience

Mixiin: The Success of a Unique Business Model

In today’s wellbeing-focused society, businesses are increasingly turning to unique business models to capitalise on the growth of the wellness industry and serve their communities.

For MIXiiN, success started with a unique niche that fulfilled a burgeoning local demand. Their holistic approach, prioritisation of technology, and focus on building local partnerships have meant that their business model has remained competitive even in challenging times during the pandemic.