George Jones, Founder of Barberoo

A Manchester entrepreneur is set to give the North-West’s hair game a major upgrade as his AI-powered barbering service hopes to be a cut above.

George Jones, founder of Barberoo Limited, is making male grooming more accessible by not only offering an app-based, on-demand booking service, but also leveraging technology to deeply comprehend customers’ unique needs.

The company’s powerful AI Matchmaking feature delves into client data to seamlessly pair customers with the most adept barbers in their area, perfectly suited for their specific hair type and desired style.

Hoping to redefine the way in which both barbering companies operate, and how people experience their regular trim, the company is also taking a stand for sustainability.


Staff commute to and from their clients’ desired locations on electric scooters, allowing people to monitor their progress in real-time via smartphones.

With a mission to provide convenient and professional barbering services directly to customers’ doorsteps, Barberoo’s tech platform connects clients with vetted professionals who are signed up to the platform, ensuring high-quality grooming services wherever they are.

The company has already partnered with a large number of established barbers in Manchester, with plans to sign up more.

The idea for Barberoo, whose headquarters are in Cardinal House, Manchester, wasn’t born in a boardroom but rather in the throes of lockdown, when founder George Jones witnessed the grooming industry take a nosedive.

George envisions transforming the business into a publicly listed company and providing partnered barbers with the opportunity to hold equity shares in the venture.

Speaking about his inspiration behind the business, he said:

“During the pandemic, I like many people, found it challenging to get a haircut. But I was also saddened to see so many barber shops simply close overnight, with many never reopening their doors.

“That’s when the idea for Barberoo struck me. I wanted to create an eco-friendlier and tech-savvy solution for grooming.

“Our aim isn’t to replace traditional barbershops, but to enrich them with technology, simultaneously opening doors to an entirely new demographic of clients that might have remained out of reach otherwise.

“For customers, our AI technology is not just a gimmick either. We’ve invested heavily in this transformative element that personalises the grooming journey matching people up to their perfect barber at their own convenience. Waiting in queues is a thing of the past.”

Barberoo has already raised £500,000 in funding and is currently onboarding businesses via its platform in preparation for customer appointments from the first quarter of 2024.

By leveraging technology, the company aims to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience to customers while empowering their partnered barbers with an opportunity to grow their businesses.

The UK’s hair and beauty industry is worth around £8.6 billion with over 17,000 barbershops across the country.

Barberoo aims to untangle the knots in the grooming process for modern clients, offering a hassle-free, secure and eco-conscious experience.

George adds: “Our vision doesn’t stop at Manchester and the North-West. We’re on a mission to bring Barberoo’s innovative grooming experience to every corner of the UK.

“We’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries, enhancing the grooming experience, and making every client feel exceptional.

“Barberoo isn’t just about cutting hair; we want to change how people see barbering one cut at a time.”