CyberCyte - Managed Detection and Response

CyberShure Distribution, a prominent distributor specialising in cybersecurity solutions, is delighted to announce that it has secured distribution rights for CyberCyte, an advanced Managed Detection and Response (MDR) platform. CyberCyte offers a transformative Cyber Defence and Blue Team Platform providing Automated Security Control Assessment (ASCA), continuous security gap analysis, and centralised remediation/response. CyberCyte, known for its innovative approach to threat-hunting and asset attack surface management, provides organisations with unparalleled cybersecurity capabilities through a zero-trust model. Ransomware and DLP assessment performed as a part of gap analysis covers all endpoints and servers to enable organisations to measure how ready they are for ransomware attacks and data leakages. The effectiveness of the existing security infrastructure and controls are also validated through the platform.

In an era where digital threats are constantly evolving, CyberCyte stands out as a frontrunner in the cybersecurity industry. This MDR platform combines automated security control assessment (ASCA), threat detection, incident response, and asset attack surface management, empowering businesses to identify and mitigate cyber risks faster and more effectively. The inclusion of CyberCyte in CyberShure Distribution’s cybersecurity portfolio marks a significant step forward in providing comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions to businesses seeking to fortify their digital defences. This partnership aligns with CyberShure Distribution’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the cybersecurity landscape and delivering exceptional value to its clients.

“CyberShure Distribution is thrilled to be granted distribution rights for CyberCyte, an MDR platform that is redefining the way businesses approach cybersecurity,” said Andrzej Jarmolowicz, Chief Operating Officer at CyberShure Distribution. “This collaboration enhances our ability to offer a robust suite of solutions, allowing our clients to navigate the complex threat landscape with confidence.”

CyberCyte’s MDR platform takes a proactive approach to cybersecurity, focusing on threat-hunting and asset attack surface management to identify vulnerabilities and potential risks. Through a zero-trust model, the platform ensures that every unknown artefact is identified and verified before being executed.


“We are excited about the partnership with CyberShure Distribution, which will enable us to reach a wider audience and further our mission of providing advanced cybersecurity solutions,” said Necati Ertugrul, Founder and CSO at CyberCyte. “Our MDR platform, with its emphasis on threat-hunting and zero-trust security, is well-suited to empower businesses in defending against the ever-evolving cyber threats.”

With its extensive network and strategic partnerships, CyberShure Distribution is well-positioned to introduce CyberCyte’s MDR platform to businesses of all sizes and industries. This collaboration aims to equip organisations with the tools and technologies needed to identify and respond to cyber threats effectively.

CyberShure Distribution is a leading distributor of cybersecurity solutions, dedicated to providing businesses with cutting-edge tools and technologies to safeguard their digital assets. With a focus on innovation and excellence, CyberShure Distribution collaborates with industry leaders to deliver comprehensive cybersecurity solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of organisations.

CyberCyte offers a Cyber Defence and Blue Team MDR Platform enabling automated Security Control Assessment (ASCA) to identify security gaps faster and easier through a consolidated analysis framework by integrating asset, threat, hardening baseline, and vulnerability information. The platform creates a unique visibility layer for accurate risk prioritisation by integrating forensic artefacts and audit data, enabling security teams to identify complex threat patterns more easily.  Cybersecurity professionals can minimise the risks faster and easier through a simplified remediation and response framework.   Finding the needle in the haystack is now easier with CyberCyte EAR.