Gareth Bailie (Head of Marketing) and Satyen Fakey (Doji Co-founder) collecting their award at the TechRadar's 20th Annual Mobile Industry Awards

Doji are a Birmingham-based business making waves in the startup world. Their smart trading platform helps users buy and sell their phones and tablets for the best possible prices. The platform utilises a stock exchange model to show its community the prices sellers are willing to take and the prices buyers are willing to pay. This helps keep the pricing across their platform fair and transparent.

Over the last few months, Doji have seen great success in the startup space. The recently won a national competition, run by Adobe Enterprise and JC Decaux, which gave them placement on digital billboards across the UK. The good news doesn’t stop there though, Doji were also named ‘Startup of the Year’ 2022 at the 20th annual Mobile Industry Awards run by TechRadar and have been named a finalist in Birmingham Tech Week’s Startup of the Year 2022.

“The Mobile Industry Awards is well established in the industry and to be recognised at ‘Startup of the Year’ is fantastic news! I’d like to thank everyone on our team, for their immense efforts, and our incredible roster of partners.” – Satyen Fakey, Doji Co-founder

With their innovative new platform, Doji are helping change consumer behaviour. Budgets are a big worry for businesses and consumers alike. Doji connect buyers and sellers in a truly unique way, helping to make the transfer of used tech as seamless as possible. Enabling its community to unlock the value of their old phones and save money on their next device.


An average household in the UK has 4 unused smartphones just lying around and data suggests less than 15% of people in the UK have ever sold a used phone. This is a destructive cycle that forces manufacturers to continue mining our planet for resources, and more often than not we upgrade our phones far earlier than we really need to.

Doji is a business built with sustainability at its core and it’s well on its way to B-Corp certification. They only partner with businesses or organisations that share these principles and are working to create a healthier planet, where citizens have better access to products and services. Doji are a member of the United Nations Global Compact, and even spoke at the UN Private Sector Forum in New York this year. They are a carbon neutral business and partner with OneTribe, so every purchase on their platform helps protect trees and habitats in the rainforest.

The Formation of Doji and Its Initial Investment Rounds

Doji was formed by its founders whilst they completed their course at the University of Oxford. They spent many late nights debating ideas, driven by a struggle to find a transparent and convenient way to buy and sell everyday tech goods. They want to create a circular economy for tech, helping people save money and unlock the true value of their devices. Doji aims to help users break the cycle and really think about how their choices affect the world around us.

Doji is set to transform the global e-commerce market for used goods, and has raised an impressive $3 million in funding via a seed round led by Latam venture capital firm, Canary. Finalised in November 2021, the seed round saw investment from institutions, prominent angels and unicorn founders with backgrounds in marketplaces, consumer goods and financial services, such as Lucas Medola (CFO of PayPal LatAm), Eduardo Alcalay (CEO of Bank of America Brazil), founders of publicly listed e-commerce company Mobly, and current and ex-senior partners of McKinsey.

Check out Doji today to start unlocking the value of your old devices and see how much you could save on your next phone!

Joshua Turner
Doji allows users to buy and sell their used tech products at the best prices, utilising a stock exchange model to show them pricing in a unique and transparent way. Mobile Industry Awards 'Start-up of the Year' 2022 | 'Small Business Goes Big' Winner | West Midlands Tech Awards 'Digital Start-up' 2022