École Ducasse aims to play a pioneering role in the integration of sustainable nutrition into culinary education.

École Ducasse, a network of schools dedicated to the transmission of outstanding French expertise and excellence in culinary and pastry arts, has announced a partnership with Hectar, a pioneer in the development of new sustainable agricultural models and firmly committed to regenerative agriculture that prioritises soil conservation.

In June 2024, École Ducasse and Hectar will launch a professional training course on the theme of “Bringing Biodiversity and Sustainable Food to the Plate”. The two-day course scheduled for 20-21 June will enable chefs to better identify the role they need to play in the transition to healthier, more sustainable food, and will cover key topics such as soil regeneration, climate issues and the importance of the chef-producer relationship. It will also include an immersive visit to the Hectar pilot farm, as well as conversations with renowned chefs who have initiated new forms of collaboration with producers and implemented self-production “kitchen-garden-chef” approaches.

All École Ducasse Bachelors and career conversion programs will also be enriched with a two-day module on sustainable food. This addition will form an integral part of the healthy and natural cooking module from this year onwards and focus on plant-based cuisine as well as territorial diversity, also with a visit to the Hectar pilot farm, and talks by experts on the themes of soil regeneration, permaculture and fermentation.

Through this collaboration, École Ducasse aims to play a pioneering role in the integration of sustainable nutrition into culinary education. Hectar, meanwhile, is dedicated to accelerating the agricultural transition and supporting start-ups in this field across Europe. It also creates initiatives backed by major groups such as Parfums Christian Dior. Both organisations are committed to training chefs who are not only talented but also involved in a responsible transition towards more sustainable food, keenly aware of their environmental impact as part of their professional practice.


The vision nurtured by Alain Ducasse – Founder of École Ducasse, Michelin-starred chef and emblematic figure in the world gastronomy – inspires the spirit of this partnership: “Well-sourced produce is at once good to eat, economically good and good for the planet.”

Elise Masurel, Managing Director of École Ducasse, commented: “We are delighted that this long-term partnership with Hectar has come to fruition, as it aligns perfectly with our desire to train civic-minded chefs who must be fully involved in the transition to a sustainable and healthy diet. This partnership is a major step towards a form of gastronomy that respects, celebrates and preserves our planet.”

Hectar Founder, Audrey Bourolleau, added: “Hectar is delighted to be involved in the training of future chefs, as it is important for us to be able to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge in order to foster links between those who work the land and those who enhance its produce.”