Lewis Camilleri and Sebastian Gerrard

Entrepreneurs, Lewis Camilleri and Sebastian Gerrard have joined forces to launch a new fintech start-up business – Boshhh.

Manchester-based Boshhh was founded in 2022 and Camilleri and Gerrard have since been working together to develop its systems and work on its first product launch.

The first product, which is being launched today, is a mobile network provider that helps boost customers credit ratings. Also named Boshhh, the network provider is a partnership with the UK’s leading credit reference agencies Equifax and Transunion as well as the UK’s most reliable network.

Boshhh is mobile phone network carrier aimed at people with poor credit or no credit. Boshhh offers 100 per cent acceptance for its SIM plans and works with customers to help to promote a positive influence on credit files by reporting on-time payments to help customers get back on track and improve their credit score.


Lewis Camilleri, co-founder of Boshhh said: “Boshhh is a project I have been working on for several years and after discussing it with Seb – we saw a way of bringing it to the market. After a year or tirelessly working together – it’s fantastic to be able to launch it today.

“We wanted to launch this because there’s a fundamental problem in today’s society that a lot of people lack real knowledge about how the credit system works.

“I know from my own personal experience that following a few mistakes in my earlier years, which I didn’t understand the impact of at the time, meant I had a bad credit score which made things difficult for me as I was unable to borrow any money at all in some situations and certainly couldn’t get finance at a reasonable APR which was a huge setback and really put me behind.

“After some success in business and seeing that it wasn’t just me that had this dis-advantage, Sebastian and I set out to build an informative credit boosting tool for the people that need it.”

Sebastian Gerrard, co-founder of Boshhh added: “There is a real financial problem in the UK now with the current cost of living crisis and increase in interest rates.

“It’s widely reported that increasingly a large proportion of the UK population are financially excluded from many financial products due to poor credit rating so it’s a vicious circle. If you can’t get credit, you can’t build it. With Boshhh we want to be able to stop the vicious circle.”

Anyone can apply for a Credit Building SIM from Boshhh and is guaranteed success.  Once the agreement is approved, Boshhh advises Equifax of the credit agreement and notifies it monthly of all successful payments to help improve customers’ credit rating. Boshhh also provides tips and advice on building and maintaining a good credit score while customers also receive access to a full 1800-point credit file so they can monitor and manage their own credit score carefully.