Never Ending Chain - first permanent jewellery business in Essex

Never Ending Chain, the first permanent jewellery studio in Essex, has been named as a Retail Small Business of the year finalist in The Essex Small Business Awards 2023.

Run by married couple, Sophie and Taylor Finn, the entrepreneurial duo have established a business that not only allows them to collaborate as a husband-and-wife team but also provides a meaningful experience for others to enjoy, fostering connections and creating shared experiences with their loved ones. This commitment to shared enjoyment and meaningful bonding experiences has been a key factor in their recognition as finalists for this prestigious award.

Established following the trend in the US, Never Ending Chain specialises in crafting permanent jewellery. Distinguishing itself from traditional jewellery with clasps, the unique approach involves welding each piece together, ensuring a permanent and seamless attachment.
The range includes rings, bracelets, anklets, belly chains, necklaces, and more, catering to a growing audience seeking enduring and sentimental pieces. This concept is proving to be particularly popular amongst couples, siblings, family members, and friends seeking a tangible and lasting symbol of connection to carry with them every day.

What sets the Never Ending Chain studio apart is not only a commitment to permanence but the infusion of sentiment into every aspect of the business. Drawing inspiration from their own love story, the chains are thoughtfully named after songs played at their wedding and they also include every customer in their scrapbook with a message.


Beyond a commitment to crafting enduring pieces, the couple share a deeper mission. Despite facing four chronic health challenges, Sophie inspires others by demonstrating that success is achievable regardless of the obstacles one faces. Through their story, the couple aim to convey the message that believing in oneself and allowing challenges to drive personal growth is the foundation of success.

Sophie Finn, says: “We are incredibly honoured to be named as finalists for this award. Our business was only founded in July and we have enjoyed significant growth month on month as word spreads thanks to our unique product offering and high standards. Permanent jewellery is gaining a huge following and increase in popularity and we’re really excited to see where the next chapter takes us. We’re only just getting started.”