Donna Ashworth

Stirlingshire’s own Donna Ashworth is poised to set to release her latest book in September and she’ll be the guest author in Glasgow for the Bookface Sip & Swap with tickets on sale now and expected to sell out in record time. Saturday 28th September at August House in Glasgow, the event runs from 1.30-4.30pm.

‘Wild Hope’ has already captured the imaginations of readers worldwide, with its poignant verses resonating deeply with audiences from all walks of life. From themes of self-acceptance to the relentless pursuit of inspiration, Ashworth’s poetry illuminates the path to hope and peace in even the most tumultuous of times.

The staggering success of Ashworth’s previous works speaks volumes about her literary prowess. With nearly 70,000 hardback books sold this year alone, Ashworth has solidified her status as a literary luminary. Her social media presence boasts over 1 million Facebook followers and 260,000 Instagram fans, further cementing her position as a beacon of light in the world of poetry.

At 48 years young, Ashworth’s meteoric rise from aspiring poet to international sensation is nothing short of extraordinary. With five of her books gracing the Top 20 poetry chart and three nestled comfortably in the top five, ‘Wild Hope’ promises to be yet another triumph for this gifted wordsmith.


Celebrity endorsements from the likes of Cat Deeley, Davina McCall, Lisa Snowdon, and Fearne Cotton serve as a testament to the universal resonance of Ashworth’s work. Their praise, alongside that of countless readers, underscores the soul-nurturing essence of Ashworth’s poetry.

Her current book ‘Wild Hope’ is more than just a collection of verses—it’s a gentle reminder to prioritise self-care and self-acceptance, even amidst the chaos of life, urging us all to recognise the profound impact of kindness and love in our daily lives. Ashworth’s journey to literary stardom is as remarkable as her poetry itself. From humble beginnings as a pop singer/songwriter to owning a children’s play centre, she has channeled her own struggles and triumphs into verses that resonate with millions.

Donna Ashworth will be the guest author at the Bookface Sip & Swap in Glasgow on Saturday, 28th September. Hosted by Heather Suttie, this intimate gathering of book lovers will feature a book swap, a Q&A session with the author, and the opportunity to purchase signed copies of Ashworth’s books. Tickets priced at £20 are available via Eventbrite.