Irish scale-up taps Fivetran to automate data flows from 45 business applications and databases, democratising data insight 

Fivetran, the global leader in data integration, today announced that it has accelerated data accessibility and productivity at Tines, the secure workflow automation platform. Fivetran data pipelines centralise data from 45 disparate sources, putting fast, reliable and secure data into the hands of every team at Tines to drive operational and business improvements.

Tines’ platform delivers thousands of mission-critical workflows to organisations, bringing automation into areas of a business that would otherwise heavily rely on developers. The company sought to make its data more readily accessible for its teams, to accelerate product development and enhance its data-driven decision-making capabilities.

“Our customers depend on Tines for their mission-critical workflows,” said Colm O’Grada, Director of Data and Analytics at Tines. “We chose to deploy Fivetran instead of building our own data pipelines because of the simplicity and effectiveness of the platform. Every team at Tines now gets its data through Fivetran, freeing our data and engineering teams to spend more time generating insights, fueling new product use cases, and enhancing our decision-making.”


Fivetran enables Tines to centralise data from its proprietary platforms like Salesforce, Intercom and Zendesk with ease and simplifies its ability to get data out of more conventional storage systems such as Amazon S3. In particular, the Salesforce connector helps Tines integrate its CRM data with other data sources and enrich its understanding of its go-to-market processes. Fivetran’s automated data pipelines allow Tines to flexibly add new data sources and have these readily-available in centralised reports in a matter of hours. By eliminating the maintenance overhead, it saves further engineering time.

In addition, Fivetran’s security credentials – such as its ability to hash personally identifiable information and its advanced access control settings – enable Tines to scale its data operations with peace-of-mind over data governance and compliance.

“There is a natural synergy between Tines and Fivetran in that both of our organisations facilitate highly-secure and reliable insights to decision-makers. It’s a huge vote of confidence to be selected to power business-critical data movement at such a data-intensive organisation,” said Guro Bakkeng Bergan, VP and GM EMEA at Fivetran. “Tines is also a shining example of how companies can free up their data talent from repetitive tasks and empower them to contribute their expertise where it matters the most – helping the business make better decisions. By laying down robust foundations for its data strategy, Tines is well-placed to stay ahead of the curve and capitalise on new innovations.”