Premium spirit brand, HACIEN Tequila, made a name for themselves at the Formula 1 in Monaco recently, despite having launched just 15 months ago.

The brand landed a deal as one of the exclusive sponsors of Amber Lounge, Monaco, which has been earmarked as the world’s most exclusive Formula 1 after party for over a decade.

With charity fashion shows, exclusive live performances, and the legendary F1 drivers’ post-race parties, Amber Lounge is an essential part of the ultimate VIP Grand Prix experience, and HACIEN founders, Sebastian Francis and Jordan Myers, found themselves in the thick of it.

The weekend marked the Leeds’ brands first foray into international markets and speaking of the partnership, Co-Founder Sebastian Francis, said, “We wanted to establish our market position, and to do so, we knew we had to set our sights on a renowned event like this.”


He continued, “We’ve always envisioned HACIEN to be a premium brand and all of the work that we’ve put in so far has been anchored around that. The prestige and reputation of Formula 1 is a match for HACIEN and when you look at the F1 calendar, Monaco is classed as the jewel in the crown so we knew that’s where we had to be.”

But trackside at the biggest event in the racing calendar is worlds away from the brand’s beginnings. Five years ago, it was a conversation between the pair, in Co-Founder Jordan Myers’ home kitchen, where it all began.

The two school friends were catching up over a drink when it came to light that they had similar aspirations about launching a premium spirit business.

With both Sebastian and Jordan already owning their own businesses, the two started to explore how they might transfer their knowledge and experience into a completely new venture.

It’s rare that conversations as such bring big ideas into fruition but, fast forward two years and they’d embarked on a trip to Mexico to bring their vision to life.

HACIEN was launched in March 2022 and has since found success inspiring consumers to rediscover their relationship with Tequila. All HACIEN Tequilas are made from 100% blue weber agave but, what the brand considers to be their USP is its Pineapple Tequila Blanco.

Co-Founder, Jordan Myers, said, “There are very few flavoured, 100% agave Tequila brands globally. But our flavoured bottles are a great way for those who say they don’t like Tequila to rediscover its incredible flavour.”
These bottles are stocked in the UK at premium department stores such as Harvey Nichols and Selfridges.

It’s this premium positioning of the brand which has enabled them to land such exclusive opportunities over the last 12 months, such as their partnership with Amber Lounge Events.

Richie Parrish, Global Production Manager at The Amber Group said, “HACIEN Tequila is the perfect fit for our exclusive clientele. The quality products in such a variety of options, is what works so well for us.”

“From the pineapple infused blanco in our high end cocktails through to the amazing barrel-aged Añejo Cristalino for the more discerning Tequila drinkers. Their sponsorship of Amber Lounge saw us celebrate another extremely successful calendar of events in Monaco and long may the partnership continue.”

After finding such success both in the UK and overseas, HACIEN Tequila is set to fulfil another busy six months as they expand further into international markets with their sites firmly set on similar partnerships in Singapore and Abu Dhabi.