David Stubbs (left) and Guy Dungworth, co-founders of instaENG

Dartford-based security solutions provider Cranberg is the latest company to join a rapidly-growing online disruptor platform which has transformed the modern security technical services industry.

Cranberg joins instaENG, as its 45th sign up since its launch in December 2020 and is now directly bidding for security technical services jobs with a multitude of companies inducing Travis Perkins, instaENG’s first blue-chip customer.

Jason Harvey, managing director at Cranberg, who are experts in the supply and installation of security systems and alarms, said: “I was intrigued at the idea of an online platform where we could bid for the jobs we wanted and have been pleasantly surprised at the ease at which we have been able to secure and perform jobs up and down the country.

“Not only has the platform boosted the number of leads we have secured since signing up, but it has also substantially reduced the turnaround time on jobs that would have otherwise knocked us back weeks, if not months at a time.

“In instances where we have turned up to a job and realised more work is needed to repair faults that weren’t initially specified, all we have to do is share the quote with instaENG who then take care of relevant approvals with the customer.

“The turnaround time thereafter has been very impressive and has substantially improved downtime and contributed to the quick completion of jobs.”

An entirely online platform, instaENG also offers security service engineers an opportunity to secure a higher proportion of income earned than they would have as a sub-contractor.

Guy Dungworth, co-founder of instaENG, said: “It is fantastic to see the growth of instaENG since our launch last year. Cranberg is yet another example of how impactful the platform can be to service engineers in the simplest ways.

“I am confident that the platform will continue to grow from strength to strength and look forward to more businesses reaping the benefits of it in the months to come.”