Katy Gray from St Helen’s Farm, and Steve Clarke from Elopak visiting Ace Recycling in Stainland, West Yorkshire

The UK’s largest goat’s milk producer has made a key packaging change in its latest move to make its operations as sustainable and environmentally-friendly as possible, joining the tethered revolution for its milk cartons.

St Helen’s Farm at Seaton Ross near York was founded 38 years ago and products include fresh milk, yogurts, cheese, and butter. The company’s handcrafted products are stocked in major supermarkets, and the company prides itself on working in harmony with the local environment.

This commitment includes rotating crops, leaving wildflower margins and minimising the use of fertilisers, and over the years, the company has installed wind turbines, solar panels and biomass boilers, reducing its emissions and environmental impact.

The company has long-used Pure-Pak® cartons which contain less plastic than traditional plastic milk bottles and has now made the change to tethered caps – designed in such a way that the cap remains attached to the spout to prevent it getting lost during the usage and recycling process. In addition, the new cap is one of the lightest available, helping to further reduce the use of plastics.


Head of Marketing, Katy Gray said: “We’re always seeking to create delicious products while also minimising our impact on the environment.. Having visited Ace Recycling in Stainland, West Yorkshire, the UK’s only dedicated beverage carton recycling facility, it became even more clear why this move is so important.

“This change means that our customers can enjoy the same award-winning milk but support local authorities’ recycling efforts without impacting their usual routine – so everyone benefits.”

The new cap is tethered meaning it is designed to remain attached to the carton. It was developed in accordance to the EU single plastic directive and although it is not mandatory in the UK, St Helens believes it is a good idea as it ensures more caps can be recycled together with the carton, reducing littering in the environment and also helping to reduce the use of virgin materials.

St Helen’s Farm has been back in the hands of original owners Angus and Kathleen Wielkopolski since December 2021 and has dedicated time and financial resources to supporting the local community, as well as national causes such as Hope For Justice.