Rob Wood (centre) and the team at Holden Renault

Holden Renault has the best reputation amongst customers of any car dealership in East Anglia according to the 2023 Automotive Reputation Report.

The independent report, analyses millions of customer reviews on Google, review sites and social media platforms to score the reputation of each automotive business and create a league table of the top 50 in the UK.

According to the report, Holden Renault has the best reputation of any car dealership in East Anglia and is ranked within the top 20 of all dealerships nationally.

Rob Woods, General Manager at Holden Renault, said: “We’re committed to providing the best possible service to our customers, so we’re really pleased that this has been recognised by the Reputation Report. It’s even more special because the score is based on the messages and reviews that our customers are sharing about their experiences with us.”


The report delves into the latest automotive trends, analyses 5.5 million car buyers and service reviews to understand the evolving sentiment of customers and offers benchmarking insights and rankings for both global auto brands and dealerships.

Joe Fuca, CEO of Reputation, said: “I love seeing our Automotive Reputation Report take shape each year. we get to see what is really shaping the auto industry from the perspective of the consumer who leaves valuable feedback that drives revenue from the sales floor to the service lane. The data in this report and the subsequent rankings tell a story of who is listening and learning from their customers, and taking advantage of the opportunities in the market today.

“I congratulate the top-ranked dealerships for taking time to listen to their customers and act on their feedback. By putting feedback to work for their business they are driving foot traffic at a local level that is pushing the automotive industry forward.”