Damvent VMF Packaged HVAC Unit

The secret to winning more air conditioning installations

Smart Future Tech explores the secret to winning more air conditioning installation projects and increasing your profits.

As an HVAC contracting business, it’s always important to find ways to innovate and bring in more sales. When looking to generate more air conditioning installations, HVAC installers need something that is really going to appeal to your customers. And that is the Damvent VMF: an all-in-one HVAC system that is not only convenient but also helps your customers to save money too.

In a market that is highly competitive, it is vital that air conditioning contractors do what they can to stand out and entice new customers as well as keeping existing ones. Leveraging industry expertise and insights is one way to do it and providing a system that is a cut above the rest and that is less expensive than a VRF really demonstrates this specialist knowledge.


What is the Damvent VMF?

The Damvent VMF unit provides simultaneous cooling, heating, 100% fresh air ventilation and Sanitary Hot Water all at once and in a single packaged unit, offering Businesses an effortless way to get their offices to the optimum temperature. Not only this, but it also saves on equipment costs, installation savings, maintenance savings and energy savings and all comes in a single compact packaged unit.

According to Smart Future Tech, it’s important to highlight the unique features and benefits of the Damvent VMF in comparison to other units, showcasing how it can save money and improve air quality. Those installing the systems should ensure to have a comprehensive understanding of the Damvent VMF system enabling them to confidently present the system to customers.

The Running Cost Savings

Savings of 86% in Heating mode vs the equivalent Daikin VRF with an outdoor temperature of 9C have already been proven and 67% in cooling mode with an average outdoor temperature of 34C, thus highlighting the benefits of the Damvent VMF in comparison to other equivalent VRF products from Daikin, Mitsubishi and more.

The Equipment Savings

The single Damvent VMF packaged unit is available in 2 sizes, with a maximum cooling capacity of 70Kw. The equipment cost savings vs an equivalent Daikin 63Kw unit is around 15% and as the Damvent VMF unit also provides 100% fresh air there is no need to buy a separate Air Handling unit making the savings even greater.

Installation Savings

With only one unit to install, all that’s needed is power and ductwork to connect the unit up, there will be substantial installation savings. Indoor cooling/heating can be provided with either Fan Coil units, radiant panels or chilled beams

Any make of equivalent VRF will require more installation labour, materials and refrigerant pipework as well as needing an additional separate Air Handling unit.

Maintenance Savings

With only one unit to maintain there is minimal maintenance with simple Air Filter changes and annual refrigerant checks.

Helping you in winning the project

One surprising additional benefit is the units ability to also produce sanitary hot water. All properties have a hot water requirement, which is either provided to a storage tank from a boiler, or electric immersion heater.

With Hot Water production from the VMF unit, means those devices will no longer be needed. This makes additional financial savings.

As well as this innovative piece of equipment, you can combine other qualities to attract new customers. This could include:

Promote sustainable and energy efficient solutions. This not only provides customers with reduced energy bills, but also helps to save the environment and showcases your own businesses commitment to sustainability

Offer solutions that are customized to the client. Not every job is one size fits all, so by tailoring services customers feel special and as though you really care.

Offer competitive pricing. Pricing should reflect the level of expertise but also not to price people out. Finding a good middle-ground and offering price-matches can be a good way around this.

Smart Future Tech are the official UK representatives of manufacturer DAMVENT and are experts in the unique VFM system. With unparalleled knowledge and know-how, they are there to help you leverage your air conditioning installations. To find out more and have any questions answered, get in touch with the details below.