Louisa Herridge with her number one book "If I Could Tell Her" out now!

Already number 1 in 5 Categories on Amazon; Warrington born Louisa Herridge has launched a collaborative book “If I Could Tell Her” knocking 4 Sunday Times Bestselling books off the top spots in their relevant categories.

These titles include “Women & Power” by Mary Beard, “You’re not the Problem” by Katie McKenna & Helen Villiers and “The Devil you Know: Encounters in Forensic Psychiatry” by Dr Gwen Adshead that was also A Sunday Times, New Statesman and Irish Times book of the Year off the top spots.  Also beating bestselling self-help book of all time in the UK, legendary book “The Chimp Paradox” by Professor Steve Peters.

“If I Could Tell Her” features 6 fellow entrepreneurs who share their courage and strength collectively to inspire others to reframe and leave behind past challenges

If I Could Tell Her, is available now via Amazon for £0.99 on Kindle and £11.99 in paperback.


Louisa Herridge of The Publishing Pod has launched a collaborative book with 6 female entrepreneurs that’s sure to be a best-seller. The book ‘If I Could Tell Her’ – is a bid to collectively inspire others to find the courage and strength to reframe and leave behind past challenges… these honest accounts reveal the positivity and growth that can be found in trauma and adversity and are not about changing the past but being grateful for the lessons learned.

The other authors include Sophie Allen, Katie Mc, Indie Moon, Amanda Bettridge, Stacey Withington and Kate Brindley.

The 5 categories in Amazon Kindle “If I could tell her” is now Number 1 in include –

  • Emotions and Feelings
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Theory of Psychoanalysis
  • Violence against Women
  • Parenting emotions and feelings

Louisa Herridge, The Storytelling for Success Coach, is a three-times best-selling author and TEDx Speaker. She is a passionate and empowering coach who inspires and supports women to find their own power and success through their story in business, books and beyond.

She said: “Running a book collaboration for me isn’t just about hitting Number 1, it is about bringing together women, creating beautiful relationships, holding hands, space and hearts so that these women can tap into their past and tell it with confidence, pride and passion.”

Each author has written her chapter to inspire people to see that none of us are alone in our adversity and we all have the inner strength and resilience to heal and grow. No matter how many times we are knocked down, we can get back up and these real-life experiences of lives lived with blood, sweat and tears will help you to see how anyone can change their thinking to live a life filled with hope and happiness.

Louisa and fellow entrepreneur Jo Wildsmith are the co-founders of The Publishing Pod, who have brought this book to life, Jo said:

“At ‘The Publishing Pod’ we combine our talents to enable stories to be told and published with passion and precision and we are hugely grateful to the incredible women who have collaborated with us to create this.”

Louisa’s story within the book is named “Your story is your superpower”.  The other stories within the book explore the themes of childhood trauma, domestic abuse, grief, anxiety, cancer battles, people-pleasing, self-sabotage, self-acceptance and self-love.

The contributors of the book are –

  • Your Story is your Superpower – Louisa Herridge
  • The Girl Who Lived – Sophie Allen
  • My Breakthrough to Freedom – Katie Mc
  • The Magic After the Storm – Indie Moon
  • Game, Set and Match – Amanda Bettridge
  • A Woman of Resilience – Stacey Withington
  • Rising from Silence – Kate Brindley