New E-Learning Platform Connects Students With Celebrities

Teach Me That is a new e-learning platform launching in 2021 where students can access exclusive courses provided by celebrities and prominent experts in their field.

Connecting students with the best from the world of arts, entertainment, sports, literature and business – anyone anywhere can access online inspiration and instruction to reach their goals and pursue their dreams. This unique concept was founded by Exalt Business Group.

Through a curated collection of digital content, Teach Me That provides an intimate and informative experience that brings renowned personalities directly into the lives of the participants.

Each course is designed to provide a combination of direct instruction, as well as encouragement and inspiration. Filmed in 4K resolution and offering several hours of practical content, each course is broken down into easily digested lessons, accompanied by downloadable course notes.

Teach Me That will be promoted to a UK audience, specifically the Gen X and Millennial demographic who lead on social media and internet usage. As such the platform will cover a diverse range of subjects and recruit established UK experts and personalities that directly appeal to this user group.

Whether someone wants to become a stand-up comedian, TV presenter, learn to act or start up their own business, Teach Me That provides a rare opportunity to learn directly from the best in the industry.

The “Mass Open Online Courses” (MOOC) market size is expected to increase from $3.9 billion in 2018 to $20.8 billion by 2023, with the COVID-19 pandemic skyrocketing the demand and popularity for online classes.

With a seed funding round in progress, Exalt Business Group, is currently in the process of procuring talent keen to bring their expertise to this innovative e-learning platform.

With very few UK-specific competitors in the market place, this new launch is led by a board with over 30 years of entrepreneurial success in the online educational and digital marketing space.

Teach Me That now provides an exciting and timely opportunity for famous authorities to further establish and promote their standing in their field, generate substantial passive income as well as inspire anyone who has a dream that they have always wanted to perfect.