CELF, the World's First Collagen Regeneration Tool, in action.

A groundbreaking at-home skincare tool is launching in the UK.

CELF, the world’s first beauty tech tool that utilises micro-vibrations to renew and regenerate collagen, is set to make waves in the beauty industry.

With patented technology that delivers low-frequency (145 Hz) micro-vibrations from the Oral-B® iO™ electric toothbrush, CELF goes beyond surface-level care.

Inspired by wound care principles and grounded in evidence, CELF’s innovative approach stimulates collagen production by mobilising fibroblasts whilst gently exfoliating dead surface cells to optimise skin health and radiance.


This groundbreaking at-home beauty solution has been clinically proven to prevent and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while increasing dermal density, enhancing firmness and countering skin laxity. Trial subjects experienced increased radiance and glow in as little as four weeks.

Designed to be a quick and convenient addition to nightly skincare routines, CELF is to be used for just two minutes before bed, alongside the Glide Serum. The serum, a combination of hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, complements the micro-vibrations, maximising the revitalising effects.

CELF was founded by two medical aesthetic industry veterans, Joern Kluge and Charles Weatherstone. Their vision was to create a proven, accessible and sustainable at-home solution that genuinely makes a difference to the skin’s appearance and overall health.

Co-founder Charles said: “After several years of development and testing, we’re thrilled to bring CELF to the market. We created CELF to seamlessly bridge the gap between creams and needles, harnessing the power of micro-vibrations to gently activate our skin’s natural repair process without breaking the surface. This makes it perfect for everyday at-home use, while utilising an existing energy source in your bathroom cabinet ensures affordability and sustainability.”

The brand has already been praised by dermatologists across the world, with Todd Schlesinger MD., a renowned dermatologist in the US calling it a ‘game-changer’.

He said: “CELF presents a remarkable opportunity for individuals to take control of their skincare journey. The fusion of low-frequency micro vibrations and gentle surface exfoliation has been shown to have remarkable benefits in reversing the visible signs of ageing over time. I anticipate CELF will be a game changer in the skincare industry.”

The name CELF is derived from ‘cellular fitness’ – symbolising the “workout” that the product gives the users’ cells. The product works in a similar way to microneedling, except its non-invasive, causes no pain or blood, making it suitable for at-home use.

CELF is now available for purchase at celf.beauty priced at £39.99 which includes one CELF dermal head, designed to last 3 months and 30ml of the accompanying Hyaluronic Acid Glide Serum. A subscription is available offering generous discounts to repeat users.