Photo by Vinicius

UK-based mobile app, The Spirit Cupboard, has launched this week, offering users an innovative platform for discovering, sharing, and shopping for all things spirits. The intuitive and user-friendly app allows members to share, rate, review, compare, and purchase alcoholic spirits in one convenient location.

With over 10,000 spirits to choose from, the app’s filtered search engine and consumer-focused application provide a seamless user experience. The Spirit Cupboard empowers members to purchase their favourite spirits from trusted online retailers and specialised suppliers with ease, personalizing the user experience based on preferences. The app’s founders said, “The Spirit Cupboard allows you to collect your favourite spirits on a virtual shelf. The app offers a community of alcohol enthusiasts a bottle-full of knowledge with a simple way to purchase. The best part? It’s completely free to use. All that remains for us to say… Which spirit has your name on it?”

The app is now available on both IOS and Android devices, providing a modern marketplace for gin, vodka, whiskey, and rum that is accessible at users’ fingertips. It’s a community-based platform that immerses users in all things spirits, from ingredients to origins, with the added benefit of rating and reviewing spirits to make informed decisions. The simplified fulfilment process utilises a portfolio of trusted online retailers and specialised suppliers, providing a streamlined experience for users.

The Spirit Cupboard is a game-changer in the alcohol marketplace, offering a seamless experience that has been missing. The app’s extensive database of spirits and intuitive rating system make it easier than ever before to purchase and review spirits. It’s the perfect tool for all alcohol enthusiasts.