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According to the 2022 Global Crowdfunding Report, the ‘market is expected to grow by USD 239.78 billion from 2021 to 2026’. Crowdfunding is vital for small brands and start-ups to fund future ventures and exciting projects. But if you are new to the market, it can be hard to know where to start. Enter Knightsbridge PR, using modern techniques to empower their clientele and boost their raising.

What is Knightsbridge PR?

It seems important to explain what Knightsbridge PR is and how it can assist brands. This agency takes a no-faff, hassle-free approach, which helps them deliver on their promises of attaining media coverage for their clients. The more press coverage, the better. This agency is waving goodbye to old-school PR and large retainers. Knightsbridge PR wants to offer its clients honest business that acquires desirable results.

Crowdfunding: Benefits and Challenges


With the growth of social media, crowdfunding has become easier. Accessing Capital is quicker and more accessible. Traditional funding, therefore, pales in comparison, and expansion in the customer base propels the market to develop further.

The time involved is the downside to this new form of crowdfunding. Trust can be the primary issue, and gaining this trust requires extensive organic growth and reputability with news outlets and on social media platforms.

Empowering Brands through Crowdfunding

Knightsbridge PR offers a solution to the challenges that crowdfunding poses. They are aware of the power the press can hold, particularly in regard to acquiring support from the public.

Brands and start-ups struggle to reach potential investors. It can be due to a lack of budget before raising, but Knightsbridge PR has taken the sector by storm in assisting small businesses in attaining media coverage.

If you look at institutions such as Monzo, which raised £20 million with 36,000 investors back in 2016, you can understand the importance of crowdfunding for any company. Knightsbridge PR helps to empower brands in raising their profile. Naturally, this leads to a boost in profitability.

Why Knightsbridge PR?

If you are a small business that needs an uplift in your crowdfunding abilities whilst simultaneously building brand integrity, then a no-nonsense PR agency such as Knightsbridge PR could assist you in achieving excellent results without the extraneous cost.

Knightsbridge PR especially proves itself as an appropriate candidate for small start-ups that do not have boundless amounts of expendable cash.

Raising the funds that are obligatory for embarking on a new project can be complicated and a gruelling task. Organic growth is necessary, alongside inspiring trust in potential investors. It is undoubtedly a slow process, but with an agency such as Knightsbridge PR, you can speed up this process by attaining top-quality coverage, where the cost will not break the bank. For more information on the services they provide and how they can assist your brand, visit the website for additional information.