Indy Goraya

A leading local care provider in the Solihull and Birmingham areas, has warned of a ‘looming full blown crisis’ in adult care.

Owner and Managing Director of Bluebird Care Solihull & Birmingham West, has appealed directly to Victoria Atkins following her recent appointment as Secretary of State for Health and Social Care in the Cabinet reshuffle last week, urging her to adopt live-in care services in response to the ‘critical situation.’

The plea comes as The National Audit Office (NAO) report reveals a social care system under significant financial strain, with over half of the reform funding redirected and waiting lists increasing by 37%.

“We could be on the brink of a full-blown crisis in adult social care,” Indy said. “Innovative strategies like expanding live-in care services are crucial for averting this crisis and securing a sustainable future for our elderly. It’s imperative that the new minister engages with service providers and seizes the opportunity to rethink care delivery in the UK.”


Live-in care offers a comprehensive and adaptable service where carers reside with individuals in their homes, providing bespoke care, including personal care, medication management, and companionship.

He added: “The broader adoption of live-in care could revolutionise our overstretched social care system. It’s a cost-effective, dignified solution that supports the independence of our elderly and vulnerable populations,” Indy emphasises.

In 2022, the closure of 247 care homes in the UK led to a significant decrease in available care beds, escalating the need for alternative forms of care.

Indy said: “The growth in live-in care services is in part a reaction to these closures. Economic pressures, including high interest rates and surging energy costs, are likely factors behind these shutdowns. As a result, live-in care is emerging as a crucial solution within the social care sector.” – An observation which underscores the sector’s shifting dynamics and the growing importance of live-in care.

Drawing on his extensive experience in finance and business, Indy, along with his wife Kam Goraya, has been a leading advocate for high-quality, person-centred care in the region. By prioritising customer-centred services, Indy and Kam Goraya have demonstrated a dedication to excellence and a profound impact on the community, consistently delivering superior quality care.

Indy concludes with a direct appeal to individuals and families exploring care options: “For those in need of full-time care, live-in care services provide a viable, comfortable alternative to traditional care homes. We encourage you to consider this option as a means to maintain quality of life and independence in the comfort of your own home.”