Patti Bullock and Mark Aston

Indigo Greens is a labour of love for its owners, local couple Patti Bullock and Mark Aston. The pair dreamt up the concept after going vegan themselves and being disappointed at having to compromise on food quality when eating out. Now they serve up dishes including the Full Indigo Breakfast, the Green Grill Breakfast and the TLT (chipotle smoked tofu with lettuce and tomato, on toast), from their menu of all-day breakfasts, brunches and regularly changing specials. The company tagline is ‘food from a higher consciousness’ and it is definitely raising the bar for vegan fare in the Northwest.

Having travelled the world on a culinary expedition, Patti wanted to be able to enjoy the same array of flavours and intricate combinations she had accessed as a carnivore. Now head chef at Indigo Greens, she first began preparing and delivering dishes to friends and demand quickly grew.

On the development of the business, Mark said, “After Patti and I went vegan, friends would tell me that they wanted to eat plant-based foods more often, even if not for every meal, but they were unsure how to prepare it. Patti was always developing new dishes for us and packing them up for me, because I was out on the road running a mini-bus business. She started to pack portions for me to deliver to other people too and it very soon turned into a business; restaurant quality food, delivered to the door.”

Last year, after serving the food at festivals and vegan fairs, Indigo Greens developed even more of a following. At the end of 2018 Mark and Patti opened their restaurant to huge demand.


Mark continued, “We’ve never compromised on quality or ethics. Even though it means working that bit harder, we only serve food that is 100% cruelty free and free of additives and preservatives. When the ingredients are available, we choose organic and we’re committed to minimising waste and researching other ways to be planet friendly, such as choosing eco cleaning products and educating people about sustainability.

“The great thing is that all of this has been good for business. We’ve found that lots of people want to consume more consciously and eat food that is optimal for their bodies, as well as tasting great. Sadly there aren’t enough opportunities to do so at the moment. As a result, we’re yet to have a quiet day! We’ve recently hired a second chef to work with Patti and we’re recruiting for an apprentice now too.”

Indigo Greens’ West Derby home is more than a restaurant, it is a hub for anyone interested to learn about vegan food and healthy, sustainable living. In addition to the restaurant, which features a captivating mural by local artists Marky Walsh and Jade Bell, Patti and Mark also preside over a studio space and treatment room. A regular schedule of classes and therapies includes yoga, reiki, spiritual readings and more.

Currently open to drop in or book 8am–4pm Monday to Friday and 10am-5pm Saturday, Indigo Greens has also become famed for its fabulous vegan Sunday roasts, which are served every week between 1-6:30pm, strictly by advanced booking only. A monthly Conscious Jam Night, complete with all-you-can-eat vegan buffet, is making the venue a Friday night destination as well, and there are more evening events in the pipeline.

Patti commented, “Opening our first restaurant has been a real learning curve, as well as a dream come true. We’ve been humbled by the demand we’ve experienced but it has been a challenge to meet it! Now we have a great team on board, we’re providing a service that we’re proud of and our sights are once again set on developing the business to bring people more of what they are asking us for. In 2019 we’ll be opening up for more Friday and Saturday night events. Look out for jam sessions, as well as world food evenings celebrating different cultures, and that’s just the beginning!

“We’re also here to support anyone that has given Veganuary a go and would like to continue developing their taste for vegan food. If you stuck it out for the whole month, well done! If you didn’t, well done for trying!”

Restaurant quality meals prepared by Indigo Greens are delivered free within three miles of the restaurant, which can be found at 132 Queens Drive, West Derby. Delivery is available throughout Liverpool for a small fee. The space is also available for private hire in the evenings.