Manchester-based Ben Wild Studios, renowned for its unique animation style, has forged a ground-breaking partnership with Pete Amadeo’s ‘Buddy Baseball Program’ – a pioneering organisation based in Bayonne, New Jersey, in the USA, dedicated to providing inclusive baseball experiences for developmentally and physically challenged children and young adults.

The collaboration between Ben Wild Studios and “Buddy Baseball Program” is the result of a chance encounter in New York. Founder and animator of Ben Wild Studios, Ben Wild, was working in New York and introduced himself to James Young, a volunteer at ‘The Buddy Baseball Program’ in a cafe. After a brief chat, the two instantly clicked and agreed to keep in touch.

The following months saw the two brainstorm and work together, creating ideas around the around the Buddy Baseball Program Opening Day ceremony.

To bring attention and support to this remarkable program, Ben Wild Studios created personalised portraits of the kids involved in the Buddy Baseball Program. These captivating and vibrant portraits served as a visual celebration of each participants individuality and spirit, capturing the essence of their love and support for one another and for their love of baseball.


The artwork was on display at the Bayonne Museum for the 10-year celebration of the Special Needs Program this past November.

Ben, who’s artistic talent has achieved success both locally and internationally, expressed his passion about the collaboration, stating: “I’m honoured to contribute to such an amazing cause. Art has the power to transcend boundaries and connect people from diverse backgrounds and different abilities. By creating these portraits, I hoped to shine a spotlight on the incredible individuals participating in the ‘Buddy Baseball Program’ and inspire support for this incredible initiative.”

James Young, buddy of the “The Buddy Baseball Program” echoed this sentiment, saying: “We’re thrilled to partner with Ben and his team at Ben Wild Studios as it’s given us the opportunity to bring a new dimension to our outreach efforts. The portraits beautifully capture the spirit of our participants, and we believe they can play role in promoting understanding, and continued support for our ‘Buddy Baseball Program’ here in the city.”

The collaborative artwork will be featured in promotional materials and social media campaigns, to maximise its impact and reach to a wider audience.