Without constant innovation, markets become tired and stagnant. Disruption, whether labelled as such or not, is the foundation for new products, trends, businesses and ways of working. In his new book, Disruptive Leadership, Mark Bateman explores how leaders can and must become the drivers of purposeful change; pioneering new ideas, finding the resources to support fresh ventures and garnering support from other people.

Mark Bateman is CEO of WeQual, an organisation which partners with global organisations to improve their businesses through inclusivity and gender equality in senior leadership. A visionary disruptor, corporate adviser and executive coach with a keen focus on leadership development, Mark supports leaders challenging the status quo to shape purposeful legacies and drive positive transformations within their organisations.

Likening the process of disruption to that of starting a fire, in Disruptive Leadership Mark unpacks what leaders need to successfully produce change. Like a fire needs heat, fuel and oxygen to survive and thrive, so do efforts to disrupt. Throughout the book, Mark explains how with the correct ‘heat’ – the purposeful energy from leaders, ‘fuel’ – the cash and talent required to make disruption a reality, and ‘oxygen’ – the market dynamics a business needs to succeed, any organisation or individual has the potential to transform their industry and society.

Drawing from his own entrepreneurial background plus the stories of revered global leaders from companies such as Kellogg Company, IBM and Schneider Electric, Mark provides a comprehensive framework for individuals to make their leadership a transformative force. Disruptive Leadership begins by encouraging readers to identify their own purpose, and how that might spark the ‘heat’ or energy needed to light the fire of change. Then it covers the practical conditions required for disruption: supporters to give their energy and time, plus funding to ensure growth. Lastly, it discusses how to manage the conditions for successful disruption, striving for impact but also recognising the risks that might arise if left unchecked.


Disruptive Leadership is an essential read for any leader wishing to cement their legacy and their mark. Whether just starting out, growing or trying to protect what they have already built, the plight of disrupting ‘what is’ in the pursuit of something better can sometimes seem impossible. However, by understanding and applying the principles of fire, leaders can harness a powerful force that will enable them to achieve their goals. An expert blend of practical advice, case studies, and motivating insights, Disruptive Leadership will both inspire and instruct leaders on their way to driving purposeful change.