Jose Ucar launches new book 'Global Influence'

With the world shrinking, hyper-connected through technology and adapted to a model of remote working, a person’s physical location is rarely a barrier to being able to fulfil one’s job. However, overcoming cultural differences and communication issues is a challenge many businesses continue to face. Global Influence is the ultimate guide for business leaders looking to navigate the world of international business and successfully communicate with culturally diverse teams.

Jose Ucar is a TEDx speaker, leadership trainer, and communications specialist with over a decade of experience working alongside global businesses and organisations. Having spent his life living and working in a variety of different countries, Jose has developed a unique perspective on communicating effectively across cultures, which he uses to advise business leaders on how to bridge cultural gaps and become more influential internationally.

Communicating effectively to an international audience is often limited by factors such as fear, differing perspectives, and cultural differences. In Global Influence, Jose breaks down what can be done to overcome this tendency, exploring how to amplify one’s global impact and create meaningful connections with others, regardless of culture.

Global Influence will help leaders develop their skill through a mixture of practical advice, self-reflection and inspiring anecdotes. It covers a range of topics, from how to express yourself confidently, to knowing how to approach difficult conversations and resolve conflicts with ease. Throughout, Jose also highlights the importance of authenticity, and how being yourself will foster trust, reliability, and understanding in relationships, the true foundation of communicating impactfully with others.


For leaders, Global Influence will challenge and equip them to develop skills that will make them stand out in crowded markets and create a positive influence that drives business results that transcend borders. Beyond this, the book is also a comprehensive guide to becoming a better leader overall and how intentional communication underpins every area of leadership growth.

Global Influence is an essential read for entrepreneurs, established executives, less experienced leaders and more. Clear, informative and easy to digest, this book will provide the knowledge to inspire, motivate, and positively influence others across nations, as well as the instil confidence to overcome any communication challenges.

Global Influence is published by Rethink Press and available on Amazon.