Often companies struggle to build an attractive online presence. Yes they might have a website, a LinkedIn page or even a company blog, but often it conveys very little of what many people actually look for in a company: the values, people, culture and approach to work.

In their new book The Magic of Employee Influence, Ivana Brutenič and Kristína Cichý Kováčiková, co-founders of consultancy SUNDAYFLIES, argue that the key to creating an impressive brand presence lies in LinkedIn. The sisters, often known as the ‘LinkedIn Sisters Powerhouse’, emphasise that to truly convey a business’s culture, message and offering, the company’s presence on the platform should be cultivated, namely through how individual employees intentionally represent the brand.

The Magic of Employee Influence is a deep exploration of how businesses can recruit their employees as ‘Ambassadors on LinkedIn’, those who not only wax lyrical about the brand’s merits but authentically show them in action. Ivana and Kristína detail a holistic framework through which individuals can communicate to help build their business’s reputation online, one that touches every aspect of the employee experience: recruitment, onboarding, employee development, talent retention and more. The end goal? Employees not only become promoters of a company’s stories, but the creators of them.

A mixture of practical advice, strategy, challenging ideas and background context on LinkedIn as a channel of communication itself, The Magic of Employee Influence sets readers up to successfully turn their established communications plans on their head.. Instead of simply posting on LinkedIn, communicating through employees ensures a level of authenticity, nuance and reach to audiences that the voice of a company page will not.


The book covers topics such as how to make the most of the LinkedIn algorithm, how to get people on board as Ambassadors on LinkedIn, the potential for using tools such as AI, the ins and outs of effective content creation and more. In fact, after explaining the unique benefits that Employee Ambassadors on LinkedIn will have for a brand’s presence, Ivana and Kristína challenge readers to implement their own LinkedIn Ambassador Project in just ten hours, almost gamifying what is usually a lengthy, arduous process.

An essential read for new and established business leaders alike, The Magic of Employee Influence will be the breath of fresh air that many companies need to enhance their business’s  profile. By drawing on individuals as the catalyst for an inspiring and attractive online presence, businesses will enhance their reputation, boost sales and attract top talent all in one.