Research shows that 70% of people say presentation skills are critical for career success. However, surveys also typically indicate that as many as 75% of people fear public speaking. Crafting and delivering a presentation can indeed be a daunting task, but these skills are of fundamental importance for individual career success and achieving key business objectives. It’s mission-critical that organisations prioritise developing the presentation skills and capabilities of their team that go beyond brochure-style slide decks.

Whether it’s an experienced public speaker or a novice presenter stepping onto the stage for the very first time, the goal remains the same – to inspire future change by winning the audience’s attention with an impactful and long-lasting message. Yet, the harsh reality is… the majority of presentations fall flat.

Drawing on more than a decade of experience in supporting a range of clients to develop impactful presentations across almost every industry, within his new book The Presentation Playbook Kris Flegg offers an accessible and immediately actionable blueprint to enable presenters to engage, impact, and influence their audience with confidence.

From his own corporate experience and working with more than 1000 business professionals and growth-focused brands, Kris has seen first-hand how every presentation is an opportunity to change the future. But this opportunity remains untapped, with the focus remaining on slideshows rather than the mindset and practical skills of the presenter in captivating an audience. The Presentation Playbook unveils The Five Power Principles that separate lack-lustre presentations from those that deliver lasting impact on the audience and contribute to the desired wider business objectives, such as investment, growth, and employee retention.


Throughout the book, Kris delves into the most important elements of impactful presentations, including remaining audience-focused, starting with the end in mind, being authentically you, assuming audience apathy, and preparing to overdeliver. Just as the way you deliver your presentation is crucial, so is its content and design. The Presentation Playbook provides readers with an efficient and tried-and-tested presentation creation process to take initial ideas all the way through content creation, structure, and design – always with audience impact and desired goals in mind.

“No matter where you are on your path to mastering presentation skills, my hope is that this book will empower you to reach your full potential and help you become the best presenter you can possibly be. While it may not instantly turn you into a professional public speaker, it will equip you with insights and tools to keep your audience captivated, engaged, and fully immersed in your message,” says the author.

Ultimately, a presentation isn’t your slides, it’s you and your mindset. This is what sets high-impact presenters from the rest. Transitioning from slide-thinking towards taking your audience on a journey will ensure that your presentations win the war for attention. As the demand for effective public speakers continues to rise in today’s competitive business landscape, The Presentation Playbook is a must-read for professionals seeking to leave a lasting impact on their audience, organisation, and society.